Vera Sizensky

Vera is the digital director for, a non-profit organization that Dr. Oz calls "the leading health resource for women." Before HealthyWomen, Vera spent several years editing and producing content for the popular digital editions of SHAPE and Women’s Health magazines. Nothing makes her happier than connecting with women who work hard and play hard. Vera earned a journalism degree from the University of Florida and lives with her husband Brian and daughter Lena (born 8/25/13) in Southport, CT.

3 Things About Vera
Fill in the blank: If I had 10 minutes to myself, I would: "Take a long, hot shower."
Describe your perfect day: "Exercise, beach, nap, evening on the back deck with a glass of wine and the fire pit roaring."
Favorite thing to do in your spare {ha!} time: "Discovering new places—restaurants, playgrounds, hiking trails, etc."

Twitter: @VeraSiz

“I Don’t Like You, Mommy!”

Whoever told me that 3-year-old kids are tougher than 2-year-old kids was not kidding. This whole "threenager" thing is totally real, and it tests my patience on a daily basis.   My 3-year-old, Lena, is in...

Top Secret Baby Advice They Only Tell You After Baby #2

I really shouldn't be writing this. I mean, no one told me this advice until after baby #2 arrived. There must be some mama code that insists we keep this golden gem of advice secret...
baby #2

The Moment My Heart Grew: Welcoming a Second Baby

This is a letter I wrote to my second baby, four weeks after she was born.  Dear Second Baby, When I first found out I was pregnant with you, I told your older sister first. She...

Awesome Parenting Advice I Learned From “Friday Night Lights”

My husband and I recently started watching "Friday Night Lights" (I know, we're late to the game, as usual), and during an episode in Season 2 Coach Taylor said something to his wife, Tami, that struck...

Raising a Body-Positive Princess Who Loves Things That Sparkle

Today, I get to be Princess Elsa, while my daughter—almost 3 years old!—is Princess Anna. Anna is searching for Elsa, who has built a beautiful ice castle on top of a mountain. Along her...

What I’d LIKE to Hear During My Pregnancy

There are so many articles about what not to say to pregnant women. Hey, I'm even guilty of writing them. During this pregnancy, I notice that the comments aren't necessarily bothersome, but they are mostly...

Bad Mom Habits I Need to Break NOW

We all have bad habits. Hey, it happens. One of my bad habits is being negative, so before I kick off by saying what I do wrong, I want to say that I also...

10 Things I’d Rather Receive Than a Push Present

Growing and delivering a baby is certainly an accomplishment. Even though I've experienced pregnancy before, I am still in awe of my body's ability to nurture this developing child. I sometimes find myself looking at...

The Only Mom Advice I Ever Really Needed to Hear

While pregnant with my daughter, now 2.5 years old, I received plenty of well-meaning advice from veteran moms. Now that I'm pregnant with my second—due in July!—I'm revisiting some of that advice and finding...

The 12 Stages of Dining Out With a Toddler

It always seems like a good idea, "Let's go out for dinner tonight!" While sometimes it's a pleasant experience, sometimes it's a catastrophe. If you've ever dined out with a toddler, you can probably...