Stefanie lives in Trumbull and is a stay at home mom to daughter Kayli born in April 2009 and Jackson born in July 2014. In her spare time she loves binge watching shows on Netflix with her husband and shopping for things she doesn’t need on Amazon Prime and Target!
dad is not a babysitter

My Husband Is Not a Babysitter

When you're out with your friends, do you hear 'My husband is watching the kids? Or you're trying to make plans to go out, and you think, 'I need to see if my husband...
Schitt's Creek

We Should All Live In Schitt’s Creek

The world today is different. The world today is scary. Uncertainty, anger, and frustration are all emotions I've been feeling daily. I'm sad for my children, my extended family, and friends. Most of all,...

To The Class of 2020: You Deserve So Much More Than This

Under normal circumstances, this is the time of year when the school year is winding down, and students are getting ready for a nice leisurely summer break. More importantly, some students are getting ready...

Coping Strategies During COVID-19

One thing is for sure, I don't think anyone expected 2020 to shape up like this when that New Year's Eve ball dropped at midnight. It seems January 1st was so long ago. Everything...
jean size doesn't matter

Our Worth Is Not Determined By Our Jean Size

It's January. That means that the holiday season is over, and it's a brand new year. It also means every social media platform will have every type of weight loss ad imaginable. People telling...
fear of flying

Overcoming My Fear of Flying

"Think of all the planes that take off and land each day." "Flying is the safest way to travel." "Turbulence is nothing more than a bump in the road." These are just a few things friends and...
surviving parenting

Am I Screwing Up This Parenting Thing?

Am I The One To Blame? I'm lucky enough to have two happy and healthy children. I'm also lucky enough to be the one who puts them on and takes them off the school bus....
sleep away camp

What I Learned From My Daughter’s Sleep Away Camp

Summer is over and school has started. That means early morning drop-offs with maybe some tearful goodbyes (parents and kids alike). Seeing your little ones get on that big yellow bus for the first...
the sex talk

It’s Time To Have “The Talk”

"The talk." You either had it with your parents, or you didn't. If you did, I'm sure you can still remember how embarrassing and uncomfortable it was. For me, I remember being so embarrassed....

Make a Trip to Broadway: “The Great White Way”

Sometimes I feel I take for granted that I live less than two hours away from New York City; a city rich in culture, diversity, and arts. Growing up on Long Island I took...