Sonique lives in the Stamford Connecticut with her family. Although she is a part-time working wife and mom, she is not too busy to enjoy a few of her favorite things. She enjoys cooking even (even though they are rarely)traditional Jamaican dishes, getting lost in a good book, & catching up on good sleep whenever she can.
financial tips

Financial Tips for a New Mom

My experience in the banking world showed me the not-so-great things that happen when a mother and partner are not on the same level with their financial knowledge and management. With everything, we should start...
food containers

Kids’ Reusable Food Containers

Before you know it, the summer will be over, and we are all scrambling to find school supplies, labels, and the best food containers to pack lunch for kiddos to go to school. Will...
vaginal health

Vaginal Health and Food

On a daily basis, I think about food choices and how they affect my body, but I also have to think about how food affects my vaginal health.  Growing up, there wasn't much of a...
supporting women

Supporting Mothers

Every day we learn something new. Every day we seek out ways and means to be better people and mothers. In the past year, I have learned that mothers have received the short end of...
picky eater

Is Picky Eating a Luxury?

Sometimes I believe picky eating is a luxury (outside of medical issues that can not be avoided). What causes picky eating? Let’s be real.  One opinion of mine is that parents may enable picky eating.  Please...

My Supplement Regime

Time and time again, I evaluate my supplement stock. Most of the time, this is in immediate relation to the changing seasons. We know multivitamins are important, but I do keep other vitamins and...
love of cheese

My Love for Cheese

I have always loved cheese. Lately, I have been on the hunt for some really good cheese. Charcuterie boards are popping up all over the place. It is something you can easily put together...
postpartum body

Love Your Postpartum Body

There is an unrealistic expectation of women to return to their pre-pregnancy bodies even before they enter the postpartum phase. It could be your own friends who brag about bouncing back weeks after they...
less waste

Less Waste with Kids

I'm not one to follow the current studies of climate change, however, I do know that I create a lot of waste. With everything, there are challenges leaving me with that voice inside my...

How To Bond From A Distance – Cooking Edition

Each day I post a meal on social media. I get questions on where I went or how I made it. That got me thinking. I could switch a meal kit with a friend....