Shannon has lived in Fairfield County, CT for most of her life and currently lives in Monroe. She has a daughter L (September, 2008) and a son B (May, 2012). Shannon balances being a wife and mom with working 186 days out of the year as a special education teacher. Thank goodness for vacations, summer break, and snow days! You can be sure that she fills those days with as many amazing activities and outings that she can think of to make up for the time that she is at work. In a distant life, way before babies, Shannon was an aspiring actress and musician. You can sometimes still find her leading sing-a-longs with her guitar at the kids’ playgroups or at her daughter’s school.

The Summer Me

 There is nothing like the first day of summer vacation. The alarm is turned off, pajamas are worn well into the morning, and life is beautiful. For me, I welcome  the better version of...
A woman holding hands with a toddler while walking a dog.

Doing it the Best I Can: Meet Shannon

Good Morning! I'm Shannon, and I just survived my first year as a mother of two. Yes, I said it - survived! Because let's be honest, moms, it isn't the easiest transition - expanding...