Rachel lives in Bethel, CT, with her husband, daughters (2007, 2009) and son (2011). She is a portrait photographer and has owned her business, Forty Seven Moments Photography (47moments.com), for 16 years. When she isn't photographing or driving her children around to all of their activities, she is daydreaming about her next adventure. She loves spending time outdoors whether it's in the mountains, on the beach or in her own backyard. She enjoys traveling, spending quality time with her family and connecting with friends both old and new.
A girl packing food.

Letting My Teenager Travel Out of the Country Without Me

This past summer was full of many wonderful experiences for our family. My children have reached ages where they are expanding their horizons and spending extended time away from home. Between sleepaway camp and...
Boys on a travel baseball team.

Competitive Travel Sports Teams – Real Advice From Moms

Growing up, I enjoyed playing on various sports teams, but it was simply to have fun and meet new people. I wasn't the competitive sports type. My husband, on the other hand, was the...
A girl holding a puppy's paws.

Is Our Family Ready to Bring Home a Puppy?

This is the question I had on repeat in my mind when my children would ask for a puppy over and over again. Not too long after my husband and I said “I do” we...

Having an Intentional Summer With My Growing Kids

Summer break is right around the corner! Even though I will miss having a routine each day, I am looking forward to the flexibility that comes with fewer places we have to be. As I...

Parenting a Sensitive Child

When I was growing up, I heard countless times that I was overly sensitive. Various people would tell me to “stop being so sensitive” and “just get over it.” As a result, I attributed...
A mom holding her baby.

Diagnosed with an Autoimmune Disease as a New Mom

I suddenly became very ill at 25 years of age and just two months postpartum with my first child. Managing a colicky baby while my husband was out of the country on a work...
New Fairfield

Explore Fairfield County :: New Fairfield

"Explore Fairfield County" is an informational series that provides a glimpse into the wonderful towns and cities in Fairfield County. Fairfield County is diverse in that it includes big cities, small suburbs, beaches, farms,...
Girls standing with their arms around each other.

Guiding My Child as She Moves on From a Friendship

Friendships are a key element in life. As moms, we are eager to connect and develop close friends. This is something we also want for our children. We encourage them to make friends from...
Mom hugging her son.

Intentionally Preparing your Heart and Home for the Holidays

We have officially entered a season known for being hectic and crazy. We sing songs about it being “the most wonderful time of the year,” but how many of us actually live that way? I...
meet rachel

Looking Through The Lens Of A Mom: Meet Rachel

Hello! I’m Rachel. I grew up in New Fairfield, CT surrounded by the beauty of Candlewood Lake. I have fond memories from my childhood watching the Danbury fireworks on our boat and ice skating...