Melissa was born and raised in Fairfield County. She currently lives in Stamford with her husband and their three children. She works in Fairfield as a children’s mental health therapist, which is a dream job for her and brings more joy and fulfillment than she ever had in the corporate world. She spends most of her free time outside of mom/wife/therapist duties, on her Peloton, browsing the aisles at Target, online shopping, or enjoying nights out with her girlfriends. You can also find her on Instagram @the_storied_mind where she creates posts in the hopes of helping others and breaking the stigma for people to reach out for help in terms of their mental health.
social media

My Love/Hate Relationship with Social Media

I have a love/hate relationship with social media. On most days, I love how it makes me feel connected to the people I know, the people I knew, and the people I would love to...
balancing chaos

Finding Balance in the Chaos

The hardest job in the world is being a mom. Whether you are a stay-at-home mom working to keep your household functioning at its best or you are a working mom, our jobs are...

2021 Entrepreneurs in the 203

Last year I wrote a post about some awesome boss babes and dudes local to our area. I had so much fun doing it; I just HAD to do it again. These entrepreneurs not...

Explore Fairfield County :: Stamford

“Explore Fairfield County” is an informational series that provides a glimpse into the wonderful towns and cities in Fairfield County. Fairfield County is diverse in that it includes big cities, small suburbs, beaches, farms,...

Riley Volvo Cars Stamford :: The Experience

When I was asked to test drive a Volvo XC90 from our friends at Riley Volvo Cars Stamford for a weekend, my expectations for the experience were minimal, because, after all, it’s just a...

Another Step Towards Normal :: A Moms’ Night Out at Geronimo

Last summer, I was lucky enough to be invited to join a community of strong women with a love of family and community in common. Fairfield County Mom has been such a wonderful and...
birthday freebies

Birthday Freebies

I recently celebrated my birthday, and all day long, my husband and I drove around town while we got all my birthday freebies! I thought it would be fun to list some of the...
mental health

Mental Health Awareness Month

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and has been observed as such in the United States since 1949. The purpose of Mental Health Awareness Month is to raise awareness and educate the public about...
love language

Love Languages

Have you ever thought about love languages? There are 5 of them. Do you know your love language? If you are unsure what I am talking about, the following is a quick synopsis of...
hope in motion

Hope in Motion

Do you believe that everything happens for a reason? I do. In 2010 while my aunt was in remission from her cancer, she asked me if I wanted to join her for the Hope...