Meghan Ryan

Meghan is a busy mom of twins, born in 2013, and of two pretty cute rescue dogs. But most importantly she's a wife, planner and organizer of her family. She graduated from Bank Street School of Education with a Dual Masters in General and Special Education in 2007. Certified in New York and Connecticut. She has experience in a variety of schools in Fairfield County and is now trained in Deep Play for Kids.

Dear Dad, I Miss You

Dear Dad, The other day I reached out to the vet to ask her opinion on one of my dogs, and after providing some insight, she suddenly responded, “I miss your dad.” I was...

Life Is Too Short. Eat the Pandemic Pie!

Life is too short. We’ve had months to sit home, cry, and complain to each other about how terrible life is right now. We dramatically question - will life ever be the same? Will...
stay or go

Should I Stay or Should I Go

Holy smokes! Has anyone else been looking to move since the pandemic hit? My husband and I are so happy to live in Fairfield. We enjoyed everything our town has to offer as soon as...
big news

Sharing the Big News

I am still in shock that I am pregnant. Between years of trying to get pregnant on our own and trying to have a “happy accident” pregnancy and everything else in between, I have...

There’s a ‘ME’ in Meditation

I’ve dreamt of being a children’s yoga teacher for a long time now. I’ve gravitated towards children for as long as I can remember. Since I accomplished my initial dream of becoming a general...

It Took a Pandemic

I was so busy before COVID. I had a job. I had errands. I had therapy. I had families who needed me. I had schools and daycares that needed me. I had students that...

Everyone’s Best Friend

Frederic the Great nailed this one for sure, dogs are a man’s best friend. But I truly believe they are everyone's best friend! On top of being loyal, smart, and protective, they are also proven...

Hello? Is Anyone There?

Being stuck at home and not being able to see friends and family is so hard. With experience as a social skills teacher, I find it extremely important to keep up the communication. My...

A Constant State of Chaos

I’ve succumbed to the fact that my life is a constant state of chaos.  My house. It’s a fixer-upper built in 1940 for a family who fostered many children. We think every room was once used...

A New Hockey Fan

     We’re no hockey family (Three quarters? Innings? Periods?), but with the Bridgeport Sound Tigers playing at Webster Bank Arena so close, we were excited to check a game out and see what all...