Maria is a mother of three (Cecilia, Ileana, and Xavier) and a part-time adoption attorney. She was born and raised in Indiana and met her husband, Raul, in college in Ohio. They moved to Boston for graduate school and then to New York City. After having their first daughter, Cecilia, they moved to Greenwich where they still reside today. Maria enjoys running, tennis, travel, and spending time with her family.
talking with kids

How to Have Difficult Conversations With Children

With all of the difficult news in the world today, it can be hard to grasp as an adult, and especially as a child. Recently as the news has been overwhelmed with difficult topics...
virtual summer camp

Virtual Summer Camps and Programs for Kids in Fairfield County

Along with the uncertainties and cancellations of many summer camps this year, comes the question of what to plan for your kids this summer? As challenging as distance learning proved to be, at least it...
reading recommendations

Recommended Books to Read and Share with Friends

With so many passing days spent indoors, I am discovering more time to read and talk to friends about their favorite books. Or rather, I am making time between distance learning and family life...
family outdoor activities

Outdoor Family Activities for Spring

It has been a difficult early spring with families adjusting to distance learning, social distancing, and keeping their minds and bodies active and healthy. With the troubling times of COVID-19 and all the difficulties that...
women's history

National Women’s History Month: Books and Activities to Celebrate

March is National Women’s History Month, and it is an excellent opportunity to celebrate important women with your children by reading, engaging in fun activities, and learning about family history. Numerous books teach about important women...
family board games

Winter Family Fun: Interactive Family Games to Enjoy Together

Sometimes it takes a little more effort and creativity to plan fun activities as a family during the winter months. On the weekends, I find that it is exceptionally easy to turn on a...

conneCTalent: A Job Placement Company Founded by Moms Promoting Work-Life Balance

If you have taken a career break to raise your children and run your household, or are currently commuting hours each day to and from a job while also raising your children and running...
adult adoption

An Adoption Story: Adult Adoption and the Importance of Family at Any Age

November is National Adoption Month and it is a time when I reflect on the many adoption stories I have encountered throughout my career as an adoption attorney. National Adoption Month raises awareness of...
pumpkin patch

Pumpkin Patches in Fairfield County

Fall has always been my favorite season with the cooler air, striking colors, the foods and spices, and decorating for the holidays. It is also a great season to spend quality time as a...

When Childcare Becomes Family: A Lifelong Relationship With Our Former Au Pair

It was difficult the day she left. I depended on her tremendously and a strong bond of friendship had formed between all of us. Leading up to that date, it did not hit me...