Maria is a mother of three (Cecilia, Ileana, and Xavier) and a part-time adoption attorney. She was born and raised in Indiana and met her husband, Raul, in college in Ohio. They moved to Boston for graduate school and then to New York City. After having their first daughter, Cecilia, they moved to Greenwich where they still reside today. Maria enjoys running, tennis, travel, and spending time with her family.
A family at a museum.

Staycation Ideas and Quick Getaways

This year, once the chaos of the holidays settles and the excitement of the new year starts to wane, I find myself with no vacation plans anytime soon. I want to plan some weekend...
holiday season

Making the Most of Family Togetherness this Holiday Season

This year, the anticipation and excitement surrounding the holidays are magnified in our household. We will be celebrating with extended family in person and hosting at our house. We are more appreciative and thankful for...
forever families

Raise Awareness and Celebrate Forever Families

This year, National Adoption Day is recognized on Saturday, November 20, 2021. However, the entire month of November is traditionally a time to acknowledge and learn about adoption and children in foster care and...
fall-themed recipes

Fall-Themed Recipe Ideas and Snacks

As I was reading up on the October holidays, I came across a list of dates on this website, and October 12th caught my attention. A fun fact: October 12th is Cookbook Launch Day, where...
international literacy day

International Literacy Day: Ways to Recognize and Involve Kids

September 8th is International Literacy Day and an opportunity to celebrate, learn and help others in the community.  International Literacy Day was created by UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization) to recognize the...
family-friendly bike trails

Family-Friendly Bike Trails in Fairfield County

The end of summer and early fall are our favorite times to plan family day trips. This year's particular interest is family bike rides, as my three children are excited about testing out their...
sleepaway camp

Sleepaway Camp and Growing Up

The discussions about sleepaway camp started in our family during the quarantine. My eldest daughter, now age 11, came to us with the idea when we were all stuck inside and feeling isolated. We did...
day trip ideas

Day Trip Ideas for Families

As the weather warms up for the summer season, many families are ready to explore and plan trips. This is especially pertinent this year in light of the fact that businesses are opening their...
family-friendly hikes

Family-Friendly Hiking Trails in Fairfield County

As the school year comes to an end and the warm late-spring air begins to fill our days, it is a great time to get outside and spend quality time with your family on...

I Am so Thankful: An Appreciation Letter

In a year with many new challenges and difficulties, I want to take the time to write a letter of appreciation to those who supported my family and me the most. After reflecting on this...