Maria is a mother of three (Cecilia, Ileana, and Xavier) and a part-time adoption attorney. She was born and raised in Indiana and met her husband, Raul, in college in Ohio. They moved to Boston for graduate school and then to New York City. After having their first daughter, Cecilia, they moved to Greenwich where they still reside today. Maria enjoys running, tennis, travel, and spending time with her family.

I Am so Thankful: An Appreciation Letter

In a year with many new challenges and difficulties, I want to take the time to write a letter of appreciation to those who supported my family and me the most. After reflecting on this...
women's history

Ideas to Celebrate International Women’s Day

March 8th is International Women's Day, and it is an excellent opportunity to celebrate important women in all areas, including politics, science, business, and sports, and to pay special tribute to the important women...
winter-themed crafts and books

Indoor Winter Activities & Books For Young Children

One of our family's major challenges with remote learning is figuring out how to keep my four-year-old son busy, engaged, and progressing with his education. When I decided to pull him out of his...
wanderlust during covid

Wanderlust During Quarantine: Dreaming of Escape and Travel

After many difficult days and winter settling in, I often find myself daydreaming about being far away from the same walls that have sheltered my family and me over this past year. While I am...
great books

Great Books Enjoyed During a Difficult Year

As the year 2020 finally comes to a close, I choose to reflect on the silver linings of such a difficult year. This year, many of my bright moments involved books and stories shared...
Making Thanksgiving meaningful.

Making Thanksgiving Meaningful

Making holiday plans this year has proved to have new obstacles. Our extended families don’t live close by, and we decided we will not travel or take risks associated with larger family gatherings. Unfortunately,...
Make a Difference Day

National Make a Difference Day: A Tradition of Giving Back & Helping Others

National Make a Difference Day is celebrated annually on the fourth Saturday in October. This year, the day falls on October 24, 2020. To make this a tradition in our household, I decided to...
fall appreciation

Appreciating Fall {fun activities to do with the kids!}

As the summer started winding down, and the fall began creeping in, bringing on an unprecedented school year, I decided to opt for remote learning for all three of my children. I decided to develop...
moments of happiness

The Importance of Creating Moments of Happiness

I’ve been in some dark places these last several months—both literally and figuratively. During the spring months, after long days of working from home while managing the household and distance learning for multiple children,...
talking with kids

How to Have Difficult Conversations With Children

With all of the difficult news in the world today, it can be hard to grasp as an adult, and especially as a child. Recently as the news has been overwhelmed with difficult topics...