Margie works from home as a freelance writer and just moved to Fairfield in 2018. Born and raised in Miami, FL, Margie is excited to call the Northeast her new home. Her husband Tommy, and two kids Branden (2008) and Ema (2010) have also embraced this new community. Margie loves to travel, shop on Amazon, try new restaurants. She also loves to binge watch TV shows, and enjoys reading a good book.

Learning to Draw

I am not an artist. Drawing has always been a weakness of mine and something I have never enjoyed. Even as a kid, I was never proud of my artwork. I always felt it...
canceled travel

Woe is Me! My Vacations are Canceled

When this whole pandemic started in March, I thought nothing about the potential impact on our upcoming travel or even a change to our daily life (wow, I was so wrong)! Our family is...

Fun for All Ages: My 3 Sons

Last week, a few members of our contributor team and our families visited the newly renovated My 3 Sons located in Norwalk for a few hours of family fun. Both kids and adults played...
Disney on a budget.

Doing Disney on a Budget

Is it really possible to do Disney on a budget? If you plan your trip in advance and follow some of these money-saving tips, then it is absolutely possible. I lived in Florida all of...
combo gifts

Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas

Anyone ever share a birthday with a holiday? If you do, then you know exactly what the term combo gifts mean, and if you were like me, then you despise them!  I was born on...
travel 50 states

The 50 State Challenge

Our family is on a quest to visit all 50 states before the kids reach high school. Why did we start this crazy bucket list? It was all because of a gift… You see, before...

How My Family Consumes Media

Let me start off by admitting that I am a TV junkie! I have subscriptions to Nextflix, Hulu, YouTube TV, HBO, and Starz. I love binge-watching shows and make it a point to watch...
saving money

Smartphone Apps That Help You Save Money

I don’t know about you, but I love saving money! I am one of those people who never talk about how much I spend, but will always share how much I save! I love...
homework tips

Ten Ways to Help Reduce the Stress of Homework

Jack Prelutsky wrote a poem that perfectly sums up the feeling most kids (and parents) have about homework. Homework! Oh, Homework!  I hate you! You stink!  I wish I could wash you away in the sink,  if only...
packing cubes

Why Every Mom Needs Packing Cubes to Travel

Have you ever used packing cubes to travel? If you haven't, well then you are missing out on one of the greatest organizational tools ever created! Packing cubes essentially act like drawers inside your...