Hi, we're Karen & Ally. Karen is the proud mama of Lucas. Ally is raising a feisty little lady named Charlotte, aka Charley, aka Chuck. Karen and Ally have a combined total of over 20 years of working in Education. We love to play with {and occasionally without}our kids. We love to see our children messy, giggling, and covered in fun {except for glitter, that's where we draw the line}. We consider themselves LuCky to be mothers. And that's how we came up with our blog, LuCk (little bit Lucas, little bit Chuck). 3 Things About Ally & Karen If my life were a TV show, it would be titled : Ally: Make n' Mingle Karen: Eat & Run Or, 2 Moms That MAke More of A Mess Than Their 2 Kids Other blogs regularly followed: Ally: Scary Mommy, OhJoy, & Not Martha Karen: OmNom Favorite thing to do in your spare {ha!} time: Ally: Debate going to the gym until it's too late and I don't have the time to go to the gym, train for my next 5K, start a project I found on Pinterest that I'll never have time to finish. Karen: Think of a new way to include peanut butter into my diet, run, repeat. Together we take momcations to Target!

The Art of a Ladycation

  I have just returned from my fourth annual Ladycation in Cape May, NJ. Somewhere between my late 20s and becoming a mom, I outgrew the term “girl trip.” It just didn’t seem to fit....
will you remember this

Will You Remember This

And I can’t help but wonder, ‘will you remember this?’ Let me start by confessing that I suffer from an extreme case of FOMO (fear of missing out). Will she remember this? This phrase has...
indoor camping

Indoor Camping: Family Fun Night

The typical winter weekend night at my house is hardly a party. We are usually snuggled up on the sofa, staring at some screen, wondering what we can reheat for dinner (or who we...

Family Friendly Hikes in Fairfield County

The air is crisp, the leaves are changing color - what better time is there to soak in the last bit of the great outdoors before its time to hibernate for the winter. These...

Nature Craft with LuCk

One of my favorite parts of summer is getting to play outside and enjoy nature. It's no secret that LuCk loves nature- so, what better way to celebrate the season than with a little...
nature suncatcher

Nature Suncatcher {Summer Craft}

My daughter loves to collect things. We come home from hikes with our pockets chock full of everything. We have mason jars filled with just about every flower we have found this season. This...

Spicy Frogs & Sugary Snails {How To Win Over ANY Child For A Birthday...

Last summer, my daughter and I spent endless lazy days on the front porch reading Peter Pan. She enjoyed the stories of Peter and his Lost Boys, of coves filled with mermaids and pirates and...

How to Host a Canvas Painting Party

Some ladies have book clubs, some ladies lunch, my group of ladies make.   At least once a season, we try to get together for a “Make n’ Mingle”  The point of Make n’ Mingle...

The “Shop Free” Guide to Black Friday

If the very idea of searching for a parking space at Target on Black Friday fills you with rage, then we have a list of perfect local activities that you can enjoy with your...
pie party

How to Host a Pie Party

Two things you should know about me: I love parties, and I love pie. This year I decided to combine my two loves into one fun holiday event: A Pie Party! The holidays should be...