Leanne is a high school English teacher with a Master’s degree in Special Education who was born, raised, and still lives in Stratford, CT. She married her husband, Chris, in 2012, and they have 3 children; Myles – born in 2013, Nora – 2015, and Bryce – 2017. Leanne and her family love to keep a busy schedule and weekends are spent at the kids’ sporting events, dance classes, or with friends. When time allows, she loves to catch up with friends, watch anything on Bravo and write about her hectic life as a mom of 3!
decision making

Parenthood: An Endless Cycle of Decision-Making

As a mom, a wife, and a teacher, I am constantly making decisions that primarily concern the people in my life, not just me. Currently, I’m back in school working on a second Master’s...
Do Your Thing CT - Stratford

Do Your Thing CT {Stratford Edition + GIVEAWAY}

Over the last two years, one thing I’ve come to appreciate, even more than I already had, is local businesses. Local businesses, most owned and operated by community members themselves, are staples within a...

Admit You’re Happy!

Recently, I learned from a fellow contributor that August was Admit You’re Happy Month. I decided to take on the challenge. I don’t think the past 18 months have been easy for anyone. I have...

Baseball Summer

I’m a woman who likes to stay busy. Luckily, I married a man who is the same. With three kids who are very close in age, there is always something going on. In fact,...
jean shorts

Easily Influenced? A Jean Shorts Lesson

Let me start with a little backstory: A few months ago, I was mindlessly clicking through Instagram stories after a glass or two of wine. I reached the stories of an influencer; there are a...
right time

The Right Time

There is never a perfect time, but it can always be the right time. This is something I have been repeating to myself a lot recently. I have been in my career for thirteen years....
social media

Social Media Relationship Status: It’s Complicated

I have a complicated relationship with social media. In being part of the generation that is fully immersed in the evolution of social networking, I can say with confidence that having information, in many different...
riley volvo cars

The Car Dreams Are Made Of: Volvo XC90

Last month, thanks to Riley Volvo Cars Stamford, I borrowed a Volvo XC90 for the weekend, and it is an absolute dream to drive! First, the car is a head-turner. When I pulled into the...
hometown girl

Hometown Girl

I’m a hometown girl. I’ve spent 29 of my almost 36 years living in the small northern Fairfield County shoreline town of Stratford. We’re a quick forty-five minutes from New York, an hour from Rhode...

The End of Our Daycare Era

As we round the corner into February, we are past the halfway point of this school year. And, while I was thinking about this a few days ago, it hit me that we will...