Lauren is a full time working mom to Madelyn(born 2012) and Amelia (born 2016). Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, Lauren and her husband Scott moved to Fairfield County in 2008. A self proclaimed “indoor girl”, in her spare time you can find Lauren in her favorite corner of the couch, binge watching whatever “everyone’s” watching.
A little pink potty.

Goodbye Little Pink Potty

This weekend, we said goodbye to what felt like a member of the family. No, not an actual person or a pet, but a tiny porta, realistic-looking potty. In pink, obviously. And before you...
A little girl putting lipstick on in the mirror.

Do I Look Pretty?

"Do I look pretty?" my nine-year-old asked as she looked at herself in the mirror. A simple question, but it took me a minute to reply. Not because I would have said anything other...
A mother playing with her children.

Hey Mama, Get a Life

I would call myself an introvert. I’m really good at staying home. And because of that, making plans (and keeping them) can sometimes feel exhausting. When I was pregnant with my first child, I...
A woman working while holding her children.

Summer Is Hard for Working Moms

I know all too well the joyous feeling of counting down the days until school is over. I was there once. I would enjoy what felt like endless days of fun and relaxation. Nowhere...
A daughter holding her mom from behind.

What My Children Have Taught Me

One of the most important jobs you have as a parent is to teach your children. As parents, we are imparting both practical life skills and wisdom on navigating the world at every age...
A mother embracing her daughter.

Love and Other Four-Letter Words

Ok, I have a confession. I curse a lot (sorry mom!). Not in front of the kids (mostly). But definitely in my personal life (and maybe a little under my breath at work! Shhh)....
Sisters hanging upside down on the couch.

Play With Your Sister, I Made Her for You!

I always knew I wanted to be a mom. Even as a little kid, I loved babies. I've seen many pictures of tiny me holding a tiny cousin in my lap. I loved baby...
A girl playing with a dollhouse.

Let Them Be Kids

When my older daughter was three, we took her on a birthday trip to Disney World. There was excitement. There was magic. There was joy. But also, my little inquisitive smarty pants was quick...
A child trying to speak to an adult.

Our Journey with Selective Mutism

I first heard the phrase “selective mutism” at my daughter’s ballet class. She and I were talking in the waiting room, and another girl from her class overheard us and exclaimed, “Amelia can talk???”...
Mom pouring milk for her daughter.

Embracing the Little Moments

I'm nine years into this motherhood gig. Some days are super mundane, but I'm so surprised by some parenting revelation every once in a while. A moment in time when I step back and...