Once a big girl in a big city, replete with high heels and red lipstick, now living in Norwalk with long suffering husband and two little ladies (4 and 1.5). I am the mom that will stop strangers from buying useless things (newborn shoes) and conversation crashes everywhere. I used to travel the world, now I look for low budget hotels with pools for the ladies (bonus if there is a nearby coffee house!). If you are stuck in an elevator with me, just know, I will talk to you. I can't help it.
A green smartphone.

A Letter to My Smartphone

Dear Smartphone, You are my best friend, my smartphone. You communicate with me every minute of every day. If I would let you, you would snuggle me at night, wake me in the morning, and...
older mom

Tales from an “Old Mom”

  "Are you the Grandmother?" Besides being overtired, overweight, and looking particularly lumpy in my too tight black pants and black sweater with the sparkly necklace...I was speechless. Yes, me, speechless. I get it. I'm not looking...

When Naps Go Away

Dear Daughter, Right now you are screaming at Daddy and me because you do not want to take a nap. I have shut the door and am letting your father deal with it. Mainly, because I...

Create your New Year (by Completing this Year)

Silent Night, Holy Night All is calm, all is bright..... Although an invite to a holiday party lights me up, I need time away from the hustle and bustle. In fact, it takes me longer to...

Operation Appreciation: Veterans Day

Veterans Day. It's not just a bank holiday. This poem, oft quoted by a generation or three older than myself, remembers those that had passed after the Great War. It turned the red poppy into...


I used to work at a bank that gave us the opportunity to pay to wear blue jeans on a specific day to bring awareness to breast cancer. Every year I would wrangle myself into...

Pregnant with a Side of Pink Slip

When we moved from Queens to CT, I found a position closer to our new home and increased my salary. I became the sole breadwinner and the insurance holder. Unfortunately, within six months it...
september 11

Moment of Silence

Last year, I sat quietly at my desk while an entire office scurried around, oblivious to what this day was until someone noticed that I was unusually quiet and reflective and said, "Oh my...

Sister Friend

I’m pretty sure that if given the opportunity, I would never have been friends with my sister-in-law.  (Wow, that's a harsh thing to say. I mean, she's probably going to read this...) My husband is one...

My Job is FINDING a JOB: Curating the Content of YOU

Last time we connected, I gave some tips and advice on setting yourself up to win during a job search. Another aspect of the search is creating a brand of YOU, Inc. that is...