A recent transplant to Fairfield County after a lifetime in the Midwest, Kelly is a self-proclaimed "Old Mom" having all 4 of her kids after 40. Married to a hot Italian, Kelly lives in Trumbull with their 4 kids and 2 big dogs. Kelly is obsessed with the Gilmore Girls and loves Steely Dan, books, movies, and running.

How to Make a Lot of Friends FAST

As a transplant to the east coast after a lifetime in the Midwest, I had a little bit of trepidation about making new friends. Were people different in New England? Would the women “get...

A Bunch of Really Weird Things I Used to Judge Other Moms About

I know this is only my fourth post here at FCMB, but I want you to know something about me. I promise you I will always be brutally honest with you. And sometimes that...

3 Words I Am TRYING to Eliminate From My Vocabulary

I am a big fan of languages. I have studied French and Russian and even tried to teach my kids some Italian when they were babies (all of which they have forgotten, BTW). The...
Kindergarten orientation

5 Things They Did NOT Tell You At Kindergarten Orientation

FULL DISCLOSURE – I have never attended a kindergarten orientation. Yes, my twin daughters are about to start first grade (what?), but we moved to Fairfield County last spring and did not close on our...

A Lousy Introduction

This is NOT the way I wanted to introduce myself to you. I would have much rather regaled you with a couple of funny anecdotes about what it is like to be raising 2...