Keira Robilotto

Keira is mom to a precocious toddler, G and wife to her wonderful husband, Joe. She's a New Yorker trapped in suburbia, but loving every minute. A self-proclaimed "Type-A" she spends her time volunteering, reading voraciously, drinking wine, and working part time in higher education.

Moms, a Little Modesty Please

Just last week, I was distraught by some things being passed off as "mom humor." I am no prude, but I began to reflect on the state of women's conversations in (and outside) the...
quit breastfeeding

What I Wish I Had Known Before I Quit Breastfeeding

After six short weeks of painful, confusing, and exhausting attempts to feed my baby, I gave up. While it wasn't something I wanted to do, I lacked some important tools to help with the...
drug-free birth

Preparing for a Drug-Free Birth

Let me begin by saying that if you had an epidural, you are not a bad mom. Contrary to what one might think, having a drug-free birth doesn't make you supermom either. Both sentiments...

One Isn’t the Loneliest Number: Why I’m “One and Done”

I remember the day I had my daughter like it was yesterday. The simultaneous feeling of having been hit by a truck and the complete and utter joy was one I could never forget....

Freeze Your Fat Away with CoolSculpting

As moms we all know that life completely changes when we have children - including our bodies. As hard as we try, some things will never be the same. So sometimes we need a...

Family :: What it Really Means

Family means something so much more to me than who shares the same bloodline that I do. You see, I have many people in my life who are family because we share some genetic...
wine and beyond

A Mom and Dad’s Night Out at Wine and Beyond {beer & wine tasting}

We were super excited for our very first Fairfield County Moms Blog event that included the dads. Our sponsor, Wine and Beyond hosted our readers to a fun night out with a wine and...

FCMB Goes Back to School :: Forget the Grades {How to Help Your Child...

As mothers, we understand one of the most critical components to our children’s young lives is their education. Since it’s time to ring in a new school year, the contributors at Fairfield County Moms...

Vaccine Reaction: It Happened to Us

This isn't a debate about the merits of vaccinating your kids. It isn't an anti-vaccine post. It isn't even a post about why you should or shouldn't vaccinate your children. This is a post...
wine and beyond

Moms’ & Dads’ Night Out at Wine and Beyond

Calling all moms and dads! One of Fairfield County Moms Blog's favorite sponsors has an amazing wine and beer tasting planned for us. It's the perfect timing before the fall rush begins! Join us...