Kate S.

Kate S.
Kate S. is a mom at home in Fairfield with her 4 kids (2 girls and 2 boys). Kate's sister introduced her to Chris, whom she married in 2010. They welcomed their first daughter in 2012, a son in 2014, another daughter in 2016, and finally another boy in 2018. Kate and Chris's parenting motto would probably be "Just take them with you." As a family, they continue to enjoy activities like skiing, kayaking and hiking by taking turns to teach the older kids or strapping babies into backpacks. A former English teacher, Kate keeps in touch with her passion for childhood literacy by running book drives, book fairs, and shopping events for Usborne Books. Kate can be found out and about exploring with her kids, volunteering at their schools, , or laughing with other moms at the beautiful chaos of life with children.
didn't lose a year

We Didn’t Lose a Year

“We didn’t lose a year. We just redirected it.” These words from my daughter's preschool director really resonated with me. I’ve been struggling this year to determine if I should send our daughter to kindergarten...
positive changes for our family

5 Positive Changes for Our Family

2020 was a year that changed everything. As we faced a world where almost nothing felt the same anymore, we reevaluated what was important and what worked best for our families. We moved to...

Skiing With Kids: How To Have Fun With Your Family on the Slopes

Warning: Skiing with kids is a lot of work. But I’m here to tell you that skiing with kids is also a great way to get outside and have fun when everyone has had...
youngest one

A Letter to My Youngest

Dear Big Guy, It’s not easy being the youngest. I might have argued before I had kids that birth order doesn’t matter, but man was I wrong. It matters. It matters a lot. The truth is...
slices of joy

Finding “Slices of Joy”

A slice of joy. Where will you find it today? Will it be wedged in the middle of a trip to the grocery store when your toddler lights up with excitement while running to...
positive mindset

Changing My Mindset

One of the biggest jobs we take on as mothers is the role of the “problem-solver.” We figure out the routines and schedules that work for everyone in the family. We referee squabbles between...
changing schools

Switching Schools During the Pandemic

As a parent, August is always bittersweet. There is the end of summer and all its freedoms and the excitement surrounding a fresh start for the new school year. This year, the anticipation was...
social distancing at home

Keeping a “Social Distance” at Home

We’re together all the time, but I feel like I never actually SEE them as individuals. By “them” I mean the swarming, laughing, screaming, hungry herd of children that rumbles through my house day...
learn from kids

What My Kids Are Teaching Me

It’s a crazy world out there today. Sometimes I feel like I’m grasping at straws trying to keep things in perspective, be a good role model for our family, and make decisions that will...
married to opposite

Compromising When You’re Married to Your Opposite

They always say opposites attract. In my case, that is certainly true. In many ways, my husband and I are polar opposites. I find comfort in the familiar and am more reserved with my...