Kate is a working mom who is constantly trying to balance the chaos of a full-time advertising career with caring for her twins. She is a New York transplant who’s fallen in love with the CT shoreline she now calls home. Kate lives by the beach in Fairfield with her husband and boy/girl twins. When not working or chasing her kids you can find Kate sweating it out at a Bar Method Class or watching reality TV with wine in hand! Having it all may be a myth but Kate is trying her damnedest to live a balanced life. She hopes you can relate as you follow along on her crazy journey through motherhood!

Small Shop Gift Ideas For Everyone in Your Family

This year, when it comes to gifting, I am trying to think outside of the box….big-box stores that is! There are so many quality small business out there that need our support! It's always...

Up In The Air: Why Travel Now Terrifies Me!

I was never afraid of flying prior to becoming a mom. I loved exploring new places! I craved adventure! My old passport is full of stamps, (New Zealand, England, Mexico, Costa Rica) so why does the thought...

Kudo Banz :: Encouraging Positive Behavior

Trying to reason with a toddler is like negotiating with a terrorist. This became abundantly clear when my husband and I started potty training our two year old twins. We were three months into the...

Love Affair with my Slow Cooker

Fall is my favorite time of year! The air is crisp and cool, football is on the television and the desire to nest at home kicks in. This is also the time of year...

Mistakes We Made When Traveling with Kids

Mistakes We Made When Traveling with Kids I had been warned that traveling with kids would be difficult but that didn’t ring true until I lived it. Shortly after my twins’ second birthday my husband and...

A Media Mom’s Take on Cord Cutting: Is It Right for Your Family?

There is a question that has been circulating throughout both my personal and professional life lately…. Is cutting the cable cord the right thing to do!? At work “Cord Cutting” is akin to a dirty...

Why Beyoncé’s Postpartum Twin Photo is NOT Reality

Why Beyoncé’s Postpartum Twin Photo is NOT Reality... Speaking as Beyoncé’s #1 fan and Beyhive member I am often under the impression that she can do no wrong. When I saw her postpartum image for...
daddy's girl

My Daddy’s Girl :: How to Deal When You’re Not Their Favorite

As a working parent, I always feared it could happen, but when my toddler rejected me for the first time, I was devastated. After a long day in the office, I was excited to get...

The Great Baby Escape! (Ways to Keep Your Child Safely in their Crib)

Most of motherhood is exclaiming, “They are growing up too fast,” or “I’m not ready!” When my daughter jumped out of her crib at 17 months that sentiment could not have been more true. My...

From Wearing J. Crew to Dressing My Little Zoo

Before I had kids my closet resembled a J. Crew showroom. Now I can hardly find a matching pair of shoes! Although I still treat myself on the rare occasion, these days my online...