Kate is a working mom who is constantly trying to balance the chaos of a full-time advertising career with caring for her twins. She is a New York transplant who’s fallen in love with the CT shoreline she now calls home. Kate lives by the beach in Fairfield with her husband and boy/girl twins. When not working or chasing her kids you can find Kate sweating it out at a Bar Method Class or watching reality TV with wine in hand! Having it all may be a myth but Kate is trying her damnedest to live a balanced life. She hopes you can relate as you follow along on her crazy journey through motherhood!
twins kindergarten

Kindergarten Plus COVID Equals An Extra Dose of Anxiety

My husband and I recently sat through our twins’ kindergarten orientation. Like many gatherings these days, it was conducted over a Zoom call. There were no tours of the school or handshakes with their...
erasing plans

Erasing My Plans One Month at a Time

Change is hard for me, even under the best of circumstances. I’m a planner at my core, so one way I deal with change is to plan ahead. My paper planner is my lifeline;...
at-home fashion

How to Work from Home in Comfort and Style

As we all weather the coronavirus pandemic from home, our daily needs have shifted. I work for an advertising agency that priorities video conferencing. I no longer need the stylish office attire hanging in...
tattle tale

My Kid’s a Giant Tattletale

In our house, everyone knows the rules. My husband is a preschool teacher who’s trained in Behavioral Science. He’s a very hands-on parent, for which I am grateful! I love the life lessons and...
cutting the cord

We Cut the Cord and Will Never Look Back

It’s hard to make sense of all the television options out there! As a mom who works in the television industry, even I feel overwhelmed by the changing landscape! The one thing we can agree...
Hate is a bad word.

HATE is a Naughty Word

“Mommy, Miles said HATE!” I hear my daughter call from the other room. In typical twin form, my 4-years-olds love to tattle on one another. We have a running list of “naughty” words in our...

Holiday Decor: How to Turn Your House into a Winter Wonderland without Breaking the...

Thanksgiving may not be over, but that doesn’t stop me from planning this year's Holiday Décor. Since having kids, my holiday spirit has been ratcheted up to a new level! Each year, I scour...

Seeking the Confidence to Stand on My Own

Consider this my official love letter to all the single parents out there because IT IS HARD. Recently, my family drove down to Orlando. My husband, who hates flying, graciously drove our ten tons of...
anxiety with a toddler road trip

Preparing for a Road Trip with an Anxious Child

This fall, my brother’s wedding in Ashville, North Carolina, will bring our first family road trip. Sure, we’ve driven an hour here or there, but nothing like the eleven hour drive we’re now facing. To...
self care is not selfish

Learning That Selfish is NOT a Bad Word

Thoughts that pop into my brain more times per week than I can count….”Ugh, I feel guilty.” “Am I being selfish?” “Shouldn’t I be doing XYZ?” I’m sure many moms can relate to this overarching...