Kate is a working mom who is constantly trying to balance the chaos of a full-time advertising career with caring for her twins. She is a New York transplant who’s fallen in love with the CT shoreline she now calls home. Kate lives by the beach in Fairfield with her husband and boy/girl twins. When not working or chasing her kids you can find Kate sweating it out at a Bar Method Class or watching reality TV with wine in hand! Having it all may be a myth but Kate is trying her damnedest to live a balanced life. She hopes you can relate as you follow along on her crazy journey through motherhood!

The Volvo XC90 Turned Me Into a Car Person

Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy the finer things in life, but when it comes to the car I drive, I’ve never felt the need to indulge. For me, a car has always...
hair salons for kids

Hair Salons for Kids in Fairfield County

Getting your child's hair cut should be a pleasurable experience, not one full of tears. Whether you are looking for a luxurious experience for your mini-me or one filled with cartoons and character cars...
book lists

Books Your Kids Will Love More Than Their Screens

I think we can all agree that monitoring screen time is important. In a pandemic, however, all rules have gone out the window! I’ve purchased my twins some new books as an alternative to...
A date night without leaving your couch + giveaway.

A Great Date Night Without Leaving Your Couch {+GIVEAWAY}

I LOVE dining out. I am constantly researching the best new restaurants around Fairfield County in hopes that one day my husband and I will get there. These days, however, our meals mostly include...
stay connected

How to Stay Connected in a Disconnected World

2021 is here; a new year. “Yeah!?!?“ I’m not sure whether to wallow in the same self-pity and uncertainty of 2020 or embrace the hope that hangs in the air. Never have we faced a...
mom fails

The Day the Tooth Fairy Forgot to Come & Other Epic Mom Fails

My daughter bounded through the door at 7 a.m. to wake me up as she typically does, although instead of excited to get her day going, I could tell by the look on her...
cold or covid

Cold or COVID-19?

It was bound to happen sooner or later; both my twins sneezing, snotting, and running a 100-degree fever. We were three weeks into the start of hybrid school. My motherly instinct was to chalk...

What’s the Deal with CBD Anyway?

It’s a tale as old as time… Moms on edge! Mom can’t sleep because of all the anxious thoughts racing through her mind! I’m sure many of you can relate! We are all riding the...

What Does Anxiety Look Like?

Anxiety may look different than you think. It doesn’t have to mean panic attacks or medication. It doesn’t have to mean hospitalization or catastrophic events. I think what 2020 has taught me, is that...

My Spontaneous Summer

Spontaneity has never come easy to me. In fact, during a typical year, most weeks, days, heck, even minutes, are planned out in advance! Well, coronavirus laughed at my plans and forced me, for the...