Kate M

Kate is a full time Virtual Assistant for a large internet marketer and several smaller entrepreneurs. She spends her VA hours keeping her clients calm and focused while she takes care of all of the back end project management and customer happiness. Most often found with a cup of coffee in hand, she spends many of her VA hours also juggling Mommy hours for her two precocious and high energy kiddos Jax and Brenna. Kate and her family just relocated back to the area from Colorado where they lived for 7 years. A Fairfield County native, Kate is thrilled to be home and sharing some of her own favorite childhood memories and re-living them vicariously through her children.

Mommy Wars – May the Odds be Ever in your Favor

September is upon us, and with that, the return to school, more structure, and the anxiety of all the questions school brings in. And...the so-called, dreaded Mommy Wars. My son started preschool last year. My daughter...

Hot and Healthy In the City

Last month, I started a new journey. A journey that will get me healthy. Notice I say healthy and not thin. Personally that’s a better term to me, and I think also, to my...

How to talk so NO ONE will listen

Want to know how to effectively talk so no one will listen? Be a Mom.  Have kids. Try to do anything that is unrelated to said kids. Ok. So this is a tongue in cheek...

Live your Dash – An Ode to Dads Everywhere

I gripe about my husband all the time, and I'm sure in some way you can all understand. My husband: "Babe, where's the (fill in the blank)?" Me: "It's on the counter, to the left of...

Home is where the heart is

See that picture? I never look like that. I'm usually covered in goldfish crumbs, hair tied back, definitely no make up, wearing my beloved yoga pants. You want to know a secret though? I...