Kate M

Kate is a full time Virtual Assistant for a large internet marketer and several smaller entrepreneurs. She spends her VA hours keeping her clients calm and focused while she takes care of all of the back end project management and customer happiness. Most often found with a cup of coffee in hand, she spends many of her VA hours also juggling Mommy hours for her two precocious and high energy kiddos Jax and Brenna. Kate and her family just relocated back to the area from Colorado where they lived for 7 years. A Fairfield County native, Kate is thrilled to be home and sharing some of her own favorite childhood memories and re-living them vicariously through her children.
real good play

Real. Good. Play. {and old fashioned fun!}

Kids have the best imaginations. They are constantly talking, playing, and creating as they go about their days. That's why all moms need to know about Fairfield County Moms Blog sponsor, Real Good Play. A new Connecticut...

Who is in your lifeboat (and why)?

I recently saw this quote on Facebook: You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. - Jim Rohn Author’s note: I’m going to assume as a Mom that this is...
perfectly imperfect

You Are Perfectly Imperfect {and other affirmations for moms}

I yell too much. I don’t pay enough attention to my kids. I’m always too distracted. I’m such a disappointment. What if… How does SHE get it all done?? I don’t know about you, but the affirmations in my head...

Character? Be one. But more importantly – raise one.

Building character is a tough thing to wrap your head around. You know when you meet someone who comes across as just genuinely unhappy? Like, if you smile at someone you're passing in the...

The Question NO Mom Wants To Be Asked…

What do you do all day?  Well there it is. The ONE question every mom, working, or stay at home, NEVER wants to hear. In my head, I’m throat punching the person who just asked...

5 Years into the Making of a Mama

Today marks your 5th birthday. Your 5th birthday. The 5th anniversary of me becoming a mom. This has been an adventure I'll never be able to say I shared with anyone else. YOU made...

CTRL + ALT + DELETE and Force quit on “selfless” behavior.

CTRL + ALT + DELETE -- OR --  COMMAND + OPTION + ESC  (if you’re on a Mac) Do you ever feel like you want to do that with your life? Well, I AM for 2017. I am forcing...

Grief as a Parent

We’re parents. But we’re also humans. We have our good days, and our bad days. Our silly days, our grumpy days; and, as Moms…our moody, stay-outta-my-way days! Our kids have those days too. Days...

A new chapter in this Mom’s Life – Gratitude

I sit here, writing this post, in front of my blazing fire, cozy on my couch, lounging in my LulaRoe. Reflecting on the past year, and life in general. What life has brought me,...

Fall into Fall (and Football)

Fall. It is my favorite season. The cool, crisp air. The apple picking (and subsequent pie). The pumpkin picking. The changing leaves. The fall crafts. Football Sundays (and Mondays, and Thursdays). What I don’t like about...