Jessica is a stay-at-home mom of 2 daughters, (born 2011 and 2015). Jessica was born and raised in central Pennsylvania before moving to New York City to pursue her career in Hospitality Management. After a couple moves in New York she moved to Fairfield with her husband and their children. They are happy to call Fairfield County their forever home! Jessica enjoys spending time with her family, shopping, volunteering and drinking wine with friends.
gender reveal

To Gender Reveal or Not

"Surprise!" It's a BOY! It's a GIRL! Some of us may be keen on the idea of waiting until the birth of a child to reveal the gender, and some of us like to find...
DIY projects

DIY Projects Made Us a Team

As my husband and I grow through the years, we learn new things as a married couple. Parenting is by far one of the most challenging things we have done. It may sound funny...
fun stops

Fun Stops for the Whole Family Across Fairfield County

As moms, we are constantly thinking of creative ways to entertain our children and keep them busy. We may even put our wants aside to ensure a fun experience for our children. My husband...
back to normal

Transitioning Back to Normal

News Flash: The country is reopening. Life is looking more like it did before March 2020. We are getting back to normal! Travel has resumed and stores and businesses are booming once again. Finding a...
national vegetable day

Don’t Forget the Vegetables

Dinnertime is definitely one of the busiest hours in our home. I used to ask my oldest daughter what she wanted for dinner. However, that came with too many requests. And it never included...

Got Ribs? A Round-Up of Fairfield County BBQ Hot Spots!

BBQ season is here, but sometimes it is too much effort to fire up the grill! If you are looking for delicious BBQ at a local restaurant, here is a list of Fairfield County Mom...
blast from the past

A Blast From the Past

I wish I could be magically transported to my childhood and adolescent years, for these were the years where I was carefree and had fewer responsibilities. My memories of my childhood are rich and...

The Tradition of Passover That I Grew to Learn

The anxiety I felt was comparable to walking into a college classroom three minutes late. The moment you notice your professor and other students’ eyes staring down at you. As I prepped for this...
facing my fears

Facing My Fear Head-On

Fear has made my heart race and invaded my dreams because of a medical procedure I feared. My fear was to have an endoscopy and colonoscopy.  Fears and anxieties can overwhelm us at any point...
holiday season

The 2020 Holiday Season

We are officially in the holiday season of 2020, and it feels very different for each of us. Excitement is still the feeling I get, as I will try my best to make the...