Jessica is a stay-at-home mom of 3 daughters, (born 2011, 2015 and 2022). Jessica was born and raised in central Pennsylvania before moving to New York City to pursue her career in Hospitality Management. After a couple moves in New York she moved to Fairfield with her husband and their children. They are happy to call Fairfield County their forever home! Jessica enjoys spending time with her family, shopping, volunteering and enjoying the beach!
A boy picking a pumpkin.

Pumpkin Patches in Fairfield County

I look forward to the fall months when the leaves on the trees change from green to vibrant reds and yellows. We are quickly reminded of how fast the seasons change. The fall months...
A mom holding a baby on a couch during a photography session.

Simple Elegance :: Forty Seven Moments Photography

My summer days are filled with driving my children to and from camp and deciding what to cook for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. As a busy mom of three daughters, I rarely get time...
A family making S'mores on a camping trip.

Surviving Kids and Camping While Pregnant

The summer can often bring vacations, day trips, and family time together. Instead of the standard hotel and sightseeing trip, perhaps it's time to have a true outdoor experience. Last summer, our family invested...
A young girl on an iPhone.

The Electronic Device Dilemma

As decades evolve and generations change so does the way we behave in society. We can agree that electronics in many forms have changed how we live and maybe how we parent. New devices...
Two students racing down the school stairs.

The End of the School Year Frenzy

The end of the school year can bring many activities and commitments for all families. I am constantly driving all over town, picking up and dropping off my children at practice and other after-school...
Two moms pushing strollers.

Oh Baby, I Am Back!

One of my greatest joys in life is being a mother. I dreamed of it as a child and could not wait until I was married and had children. My teenage years were filled...
A wife hugging her husband.

Cheers to All the Husbands

We all have people we hold strong admiration and appreciation for in our lives. Today, I take the time to raise a glass to all the husbands and show gratitude on Husband Appreciation Day! In...
A woman putting items in a kitchen shelf.

Organizing My Life

My life has never been organized or structured. In the past, I've done most things spontaneously, without much planning in advance. But, since I have become pregnant with my third child, I have become...
gender reveal

To Gender Reveal or Not

"Surprise!" It's a BOY! It's a GIRL! Some of us may be keen on the idea of waiting until the birth of a child to reveal the gender, and some of us like to find...
DIY projects

DIY Projects Made Us a Team

As my husband and I grow through the years, we learn new things as a married couple. Parenting is by far one of the most challenging things we have done. It may sound funny...