Jenna Addison is a full-time working mom to two rowdy toddlers. Originally from Guilford, CT, she eventually made her way down the shoreline to settle in Fairfield County with her husband. In the little spare time she has, Jenna enjoys true crime podcasts and working out.
breast is not best

I’m Sorry For What I Said When I Thought Breast Was Best

Some women love breastfeeding and have a great experience. This article is not for those women. This is for the women struggling. To let them know breast is not always best.  Before my first child,...
meet Jenna

Meet Jenna: Maternal Instincts Not Included

I never liked kids. I always felt awkward talking to them and never grew up with young cousins or babysat much. When getting my nurse practitioner degree, I even found a loophole in my pediatrics...