Jenna is a full-time working mom to two rowdy toddlers. Originally from Guilford, CT, she eventually made her way down the shoreline to settle in Fairfield County with her husband. In the little spare time she has, Jenna enjoys true crime podcasts and working out.
Runners in a road race.

My Year Becoming a Mother Runner

                                      If someone had told me I would be working on becoming a runner two years ago,...
A mom yelling at her son.

Why Am I an Angry Mom?

4 a.m.: Youngest crawls into my bed. I hear the gentle whirring of my husband's CPAP machine. My son falls back asleep between us but kicks me in the back. I try to tuck...
Kids eating chips

Judge Away, I Will Still Feed My Kids Processed Foods

Processed, shelf-stable, palm, (gasp!) seed oils, and food dyes. For the love of science, I am a huge fan of these foods for my family. Before you go ahead and call child protective services (Karen),...
A family celebrating spooky season.

Making the Most of Spooky Season

Spooky season is upon us! For some of us (me), we started in July. For others, October 1st and a chill in the air is the cue to start enjoying the fall season. Here...
A couple on a date in a restaurant.

Headed East? New Haven Date Night Guide

As much as we all love Fairfield County, sometimes it is fun to explore outside our neighborhood and head east. New Haven is a city that is home to amazing date night spots. Only a...
A couple taking a selfie.

Summer Lovin’: Reconnect With Your Spouse This Summer

It is summertime, and I don't know about you, but the warm weather and sunshine put me in a better mood. It's the perfect time to reconnect with your spouse and try to integrate...
A mom holding a toddler on the couch.

As My Kids Get Older, I Make Motherhood Fit Me

As kids get older and we move from the baby phase to toddler, to school-age with my oldest, I reflect on the type of mom I was and the one I am today. I am...
The FCM contributor team at Mind Factory.

Fairfield County Mom Takes On The Darkness: Mind Factory’s New Escape Room “Invasion”

Ever since the Fairfield County Mom team took on Mind Factory's "Breathless" escape room, we have been awaiting the new room, "Invasion." Moms are natural problem solvers, and when we work as a team?...
A girl sitting in time out.

In Defense of Time Outs

In a world dominated by gentler parenting, I would like to defend good old-fashioned time outs.  Do I think gentle parenting and related theories work? Not particularly. At least not with younger children. Examining feelings,...
3 different tacos.

Let’s Taco-Bout It! {FCM’s Favorite Taco and Margarita Spots!}

Time to live every day like it's Taco Tuesday! And maybe a delicious margarita to go along with it? This round-up is our favorite by far. It got us so excited to go out...