Janice P. is an at home mom in Monroe with her three kids (16, 14, 10) and numerous pets. She has been married to her high school sweetheart, Justin, for over 20 years. Their parenting adventures include having autistic kids and a transgender son. Janice and Justin have lived in many states, settling in Connecticut 10 years ago, where they met when they were children. Janice is nature buff who prefers to be outdoors and frequently drags her children skiing, on hikes and tortures them with the beach. She loves traveling (especially to Disney) and enjoys writing and is always working on some type of future novel.
Summer fashion trends.

Five Summer Styles to Have On Your Fashion Radar

I have a love/hate relationship with summer fashion. I love the simplicity of slipping on a dress and flip-flops and being ready to go, but I hate bathing suit season. Luckily, as the years...
Picking blueberries in a field.

Pick-Your-Own Fruit in Fairfield County

Summer fruit picking time is upon us! We are lucky to have several pick-your-own fruit farms and orchards in Fairfield County. Experienced moms have some advice to make your time on the farm enjoyable...
A sassy tween running.

Sassy Tween Entering the Ring

My youngest child is on the brink of age 11, wandering into the world of tween life. I get glimpses of the innocent playful version of her but I'm never quite sure if I...
A woman standing next to her Volvo XC90

Meeting My High Expectations: The Volvo XC90 SUV

When it comes to vehicles I drive my babies around in, safety and driving comfort have always been key for me. I have been driving various third-row SUVs for the last 13 years, and...
A woman wearing a midie dress

Five Spring Looks to Have on Your Fashion Radar

I love the days when I can ditch the winter coat, pack up the gloves and walk through the grass with bare toes. I feel lighter, happier, and more carefree as I smell the...
A boy holding a green crayon.

Misconceptions About Autism: The Green Crayon

Every year on April 2nd, since 2007, World Autism Awareness Day is observed. It was created by the United Nations to raise awareness of the disorder. As a parent to autistic children, I want...
A woman holding a blankie.

My Hopeful Blankie

I came into this calendar year intending to stay in the joyful mindset of my youth. I craved my happy, optimistic self of days before the pandemic, days when my children were smaller, even...
Janice walking along a path in the fall.

And I’ll Have a Snake with That Too: Meet Janice!

Hello! I’m Janice, mom to three children and wife to Justin, and owner to a pet snake, leopard gecko, many fish, and a sweet little dog, Rocky. We have been residents of Monroe for...