Jamie is a real estate agent with The Valentini Team at William Raveis Real Estate www.thevalentinigroup.com and mom to a daughter (2014) and boy and girl twins (2016). Together with her husband (married in 2011); they made the move from Westchester County, NY, to Northern Fairfield County, CT and are raising three children and a cockapoo in Danbury, CT. Jamie previously worked in the field of early childhood education and now enjoys practicing it at home. As a full time real estate agent she uses her background in education to educate her clients on all aspects of home buying and selling. In her spare time Jamie enjoys spending time in the community with her family, visiting favorite parks and hiking trails, exploring local shops and restaurants, and volunteering. She never says no to a night out with her childhood girlfriends and their nights out are fueled by laughter. She can be found on the Peloton leaderboard at 6:30 every morning. Her family enjoys fostering puppies for a local animal rescue.
A woman smiling while drinking coffee.

Who Will I Be Now?

Who will I be? I left my office job on September 1, 2017 to be a stay-at-home mom. I had a strong desire to be at home and soak up those sweet early childhood moments....
Three siblings holding hands.

For My Middle Child

Being a twin, there was a 50% chance of you being our family’s middle child. You came into the world two minutes earlier than your brother. We became a family of three and can...
A plate of French fries.

Favorite French Fries in Fairfield County and Beyond

My love of French fries runs deep. I love fries of all kinds - thick, thin, curly, sweet, fast food, or restaurant fries. Since becoming a vegetarian in eighth grade, my go-to meal at...
Children at preschool.

The Preschool Years are the Best

My twins have eight days of preschool left - EVER! However you choose to measure time as a parent by ages, stages, or seasons, our preschool stage is over. While I’m happy to have tuition...
A daughter asking her mom questions as they look at a book.

Ask Your Mom

My children ask me A LOT of questions, all day long, from the moment they wake to the last thing they say to me at night. Most recent subjects include volcanos, space, real estate,...
Walking into school.

To All the Schools I’ve Loved Before

This week I made a big parenting decision to change my oldest daughter’s school, AGAIN. She has been in four different schools (daycare, preschool, elementary) in her seven years of life, and this will be...
A mom working with her child sitting next to her.

Everything in Moderation

I’m working very hard on creating some semblance of moderation in my life. I tend to do everything in excess. I don’t want one glass of wine (I want the whole bottle), I’m a...
A mom and child laying on pillows.

The Holiday Break Bubble

I’ve been living in a holiday break bubble since December 17. The day when my twins’ preschool ended for the year, and my first grader went remote. Since becoming a stay-at-home mom of three,...
A little boy writing his holiday wish list.

Simplifying Our Holiday Wish List

I’m a mom with three children, a husband, and a dog living in a cozy northern Fairfield County cape. I have no room or desire for the excess of STUFF that the holidays bring. I...
riley volvo cars stamford

Like a Dream: My Weekend Driving the Volvo XC90

Upon driving home with our weekend Volvo XC90 T5 AWD Momentum, my son exclaimed, “It’s like a dream”! His initial reaction to the car was completely accurate. I brought my last new car home in...