Jackie Nastri Bardenwerper

Jackie Nastri Bardenwerper lives in Fairfield, CT with her husband and three children, ages 9, 6 and 4. She is the author of several novels that encourage tween and teen girls to listen to their inner voice, from saving the family fishing business in ON THE LINE, to following a passion for crafting in SALTED CARAMEL DREAMS, and exposing a friend’s hurtful social media platform in POPULATTI. She is currently working on a new children's book series and a new novel on motherhood. She also shares her own motherhood experiences on her Instagram @jnbwrite. When not writing, you can find Jackie and her family enjoying Fairfield’s beautiful coastline where they love fishing, swimming and sailing.
Women in a college bar.

Three Moms Walked into a (College) Bar. What I Learned.

My husband and I were at dinner with two couples enjoying a rare parents’ night out at a local restaurant. Not able to remember the last time the stars had aligned and we’d all...
A woman washing her hair in the shower.

To All the New Moms, It’s Okay To Shower

The sun beat down on my shoulders as I pushed the stroller up the last hill and into our driveway. It was the middle of July, and Connecticut was trapped in a heatwave, leaving...
A family in the car ready for a road trip.

Driving This Spring Break? Tips and Tricks for a (Somewhat) Successful Road Trip

Anyone else planning a spring break road trip? A few years back, vacation time usually meant boarding a plane. However, since the start of the pandemic, we’ve traded wings for wheels, rediscovering the joys of...
A woman pulling down her mask.

Today Our Schools Go Mask Choice. Why My Kids Will Be Wearing Their Smiles

We stood there huddled next to the television, too nervous to sit as we listened to our governor speak. He was talking about the pandemic. The state’s numbers. How far we’ve come. Then he said...
A girl on a gymnastics bar.

My Daughter Lost Her First Gymnastics Meet and I’ve Never Been Prouder

My body shook as I sat there in the cold gym, my eyes fixed on my eight-year-old daughter as she warmed up for her uneven bars routine. At her first gymnastics meet, I was in...
A group of four women laughing.

I Was Part of a Mom Clique. Why I Won’t Be Again.

It was supposed to be a fun afternoon at a baby sprinkle I was hosting with some of my closest mom friends. The car was packed with decorations I’d spent weeks making, my husband...
finding balance

Meet Jackie: Finding Balance in Motherhood

Hi, my name is Jackie Nastri Bardenwerper, and I am so excited to be a new contributor for Fairfield County Mom. I live in Fairfield, CT with my husband Tad and three kids –...