Jackie Nastri Bardenwerper

Jackie Nastri Bardenwerper lives in Fairfield, CT with her husband and three children, ages 9, 6 and 4. She is the author of several novels that encourage tween and teen girls to listen to their inner voice, from saving the family fishing business in ON THE LINE, to following a passion for crafting in SALTED CARAMEL DREAMS, and exposing a friend’s hurtful social media platform in POPULATTI. She is currently working on a new children's book series and a new novel on motherhood. She also shares her own motherhood experiences on her Instagram @jnbwrite. When not writing, you can find Jackie and her family enjoying Fairfield’s beautiful coastline where they love fishing, swimming and sailing.
A sick child with a fever.

Surviving Medication Shortages. My Search for Children’s Ibuprofen

It was a Sunday night after a busy week of holiday travel when my oldest appeared from her bed. “Mommy, I don’t feel well,” she said. I felt her head. She was burning up. Our youngest had...
A mother and daughter head to head.

My Daughter’s First Christmas Without Santa

I was driving my oldest daughter to gymnastics practice one mid-November evening when she asked if we could talk about Christmas. “Sure,” I said, assuming she would ask about something easy. Items for her Christmas...
A girl looking at a piece of broccoli on her fork.

Serving Up Self-Control With a Plate Full of Vegetables

When my oldest child was a toddler, she ate everything. Peas, broccoli, carrots, entire meatball subs. Whatever she tried, she liked, making mealtime a breeze. Until she turned two-and-a-half. During this time, we lived in temporary...
A mom holding her daughter's hand walking to school.

In Our Family, We Walk to School Together

My nine-year-old daughter’s question caught me off guard as we meandered down the sidewalk, halfway through our daily half-mile walk to the elementary school. It was a beautiful morning, the sky clear, the air still...
Roasting marshmallows on a bonfire.

Summer’s Not Over Yet! Five Ways to Enjoy the September Heat

Every year after Labor Day, my mind drifts to Don Henley and his ’80s hit single, The Boys of Summer. I think of it as I walk the kids to school. As I drive...
A woman wearing a crop top.

I’m a Neon-Loving, Crop Top-Wearing Mom of Three. Is It Time to Grow Up?

It all started with a pair of scratched sunglasses. Not just any sunglasses, but custom neon ones I had designed online in colors with names like acid pink and retina burn. Out of all the...
A woman holding a teddy bear after a miscarriage.

Ten Years After My Second Miscarriage, I Still Wonder

It was July 20, 2012. The corridor was cold, my skin prickly as I walked toward the operating room, my blue cloth gown swaying, my hands desperately trying to hold it closed. My eyes were...
A little girl preparing a meal.

The Day My Three-Year-Old Learned the Truth About Chicken

I was chopping vegetables when my three-year-old walked over and asked what I was cooking for dinner. “Chicken stir fry!” I said, pointing to the bright mounds of peppers and tomatoes, eggplant and squash. She started...
Women in a college bar.

Three Moms Walked into a (College) Bar. What I Learned.

My husband and I were at dinner with two couples enjoying a rare parents’ night out at a local restaurant. Not able to remember the last time the stars had aligned and we’d all...
A woman washing her hair in the shower.

To All the New Moms, It’s Okay To Shower

The sun beat down on my shoulders as I pushed the stroller up the last hill and into our driveway. It was the middle of July, and Connecticut was trapped in a heatwave, leaving...