Hilary was born and raised in New York City. She moved to Connecticut after college to go to graduate school, where she met her husband Dan on their very first day. She now lives in Ridgefield with her husband and their two rugrats, a daughter C (born 2013) and a son L (born 2015). She works from home as an attorney, which would be completely impossible without coffee (for mom) and television (for the rugrats). She spends most of her free time (when there is any!) reading, drawing, and listening to lots of music. You can find her over at https://www.instagram.com/apinchofsaltus/, where she documents the humor of life through all things colorful.
first year is not the hardest

The First Year Is Not the Hardest

“The first year is the hardest.” I sit here writing this post five years into parenting. This is my take. The first year is not the hardest. Not even a little. It’s the easiest, by...
hate myself

“I Hate Myself” – Learning from Mistakes

"I hate myself!" These are the words my seven-year-old daughter cried in despair, throwing her tiny little body onto the couch and burying her head into a pillow. We had been on a scooter ride with...

My Husband Is Not My Child

My husband and I are, in most ways, polar opposites.  I am organized, with a color-coordinated planner and zero unread emails in my inbox, while he writes down only work items that cannot be neglected...
kid person

I Love My Kids…But I Am Not a Kid Person

I have been cooped up with my family non-stop for the past three-plus months. We love each other; really, we do. But I am craving some normalcy. I need some space from my husband, and...
pet adoption

Why Not? {Adopting a Pet During Quarantine}

We are animal people.  Both my husband and I grew up with pets, and we knew that we’d raise our kids the same way. However, with two small kids and demanding jobs, we never seemed to...

Quarantine {Lessons in Resilience}

My family has not ventured beyond our driveway or our dead-end street since March 12, with the exception of my husband's trips to procure food. I am sure many of you reading this have...

Our First {and Failed} Valentine’s Day: Lessons in Communication

My husband and I have been together for fifteen years. In many ways, we have grown up together.  Valentine's Day of 2006 was our very first Valentine's Day together. I never was (and continue to...
taking away a gift

Tough Decisions: When You Don’t Let Your Kid Keep a Holiday Gift

We’ve all been there.  Someone buys your child a gift that you aren’t so thrilled about. A baby toy that plays the same song over and over again. A craft kit that includes way too...

Please Don’t Tell Me to Relax {I Have Anxiety}

I have always been sure of myself in two crystal clear ways: I am a perfectionist and I am introverted. Despite being the butt of some jokes over the years, these characteristics have served me well, and I...
The day the principal called.

The Day the Principal Called

A few weeks ago, my phone rang in the middle of the day. To my surprise and horror, on the other end of the line was the familiar voice of my first-grade daughter's principal....