Greer is a single mom to a fabulous 3 year old boy named Owen. Follow him and his kooky antics on her Twitter, @Owen_Is_Three. Greer currently resides in Stamford and has been a faithful Fairfield County resident for almost her whole life. She became extrordinarily wealthy from 12 lucrative years of teaching motor skill development to young children, and now works in an accounting office for fun. Greer loves foods that begin with the letter P, wearing unsupportive shoes, and holding children upside down and tickling them.
A mother in the office with her daughter hugging her back.

I Brought My 3-Year-Old to Work With Me and Lived to Tell the Tale

My son, Owen, has been in daycare since he was five months old. Every year, his school has a “shut-down” week during the last week of June, and every year I’ve had to scramble...
A mother and baby yawning.

Excited to Share Experiences With You: Meet Greer

Hey, guys! My name is Greer, and I’m a single mom to an amazing three-year-old boy, Owen. If you had asked me, years ago, to describe what my future child would be like— what...