Gina A.

Gina is a licensed clinical social worker and photographer in Fairfield County. Gina is also a single mother by choice (SMBC) and aims to provide support to women who are just beginning their journey to motherhood, however it may look. Gina lives in Fairfield County with her daughter, and cat Fluffy (aka, sister cat). In her "free" time, Gina enjoys reading, catching up with friends and spending time out in nature.
A young girl holding up googly eyes.

How To Stop Apologizing for Your Child’s Temperament

My daughter is eight months old. She’s adventurous, curious, and always on the move. She has a strong personality, and she will let you know when she’s content…and when she isn’t. It’s one of...
doing it alone

How to Parent Confidently When You’re Doing It on Your Own

“You should put something on her feet, no?”  “You’re not giving her eggs already, are you?” “My son’s pediatrician said…” These are just a few of the inquiries and suggestions that I’ve received recently. While they’re coming...
enter flu season

Talking to Kids About COVID-19 as We Enter Flu Season

COVID is STILL a thing, and the holidays are coming! As we continue to ride the wave that is COVID-19, we as adults may find ourselves feeling overwhelmed by the demands of daily living during...
single mom by choice

Meet Gina: A Single Mother By Choice

Hi there, my name is Gina. I’m a mama to my 7-month-old little girl, a licensed clinical social worker and photographer living in Fairfield County. I am also a single mother by choice, meaning...