Gillian Sheerin

I'm Gillian, first time mom to Lylah, born Feb 11, 2013. After marrying my husband in 2011, we moved back to my hometown of Ridgefield to raise a family. In addition to being a wife and mother, I work full time and exercise...a lot! I'm a bit of a fitness nut and love to spend any free time I have exploring new ways to stay active and healthy.
Prenatal yoga.

Prenatal Yoga

I firmly believe in the positive benefits of a healthy and active lifestyle. Most of the time, I run, swim, or strength train, but I am always open to trying new things. There is...
Turkey meatloaf.

Healthy Eating: Turkey Meatloaf

I am not a beef eater. I don't eat steak. I eat a hamburger maybe twice a year at most, and it is almost always at a summer barbecue. Beef stews, soups, or other...
A woman exercising while pregnant.

Fitness During Pregnancy

During my first pregnancy, I was extremely cautious about everything I did and didn't do...and I mean EVERYTHING. I took pregnancy limitations to the extreme. I gave up caffeine completely, switching from my beloved...
A woman running with a stroller on the beach.

Finding Time for Fitness

Motivation has never been an issue for me regarding fitness. I am one of those people who loves to workout. For me, it's not just about liking the way I look (although it is...

A Dummies Guide to GMOs

      In the past few years the term Genetically Modified Organisms, aka GMOs, seems to have taken over the media.  We’ve been blasted with anti GMO campaigns, bombarded with negative long-term effects, and...

Our First Family Vacation!

Last week we took our first "real" family vacation with our daughter, Lylah.  Real meaning we took an airplane to get to our destination and we stayed longer then an extended weekend.   We've...
The best baby products.

Newborn Must Haves

As my due date approaches and my husband and I start to get the new nursery ready, I'm remembering all the things a newborn needs.  When I was pregnant with Lylah I read countless...
A girl holding her baby sister.

A Year of Learning – How Will It Help With Baby #2?

  My daughter turned one just last week on February 11th.  It has been an amazing year and one that went by a little to quickly.  I can't believe Lylah, my baby, is no longer...
Gender questioning.

Boy or Girl? Planning For The Unknown

  There is a 50% chance I'm having a boy! After three ultrasounds this is the best guess on the gender of Baby Sheerin #2.  For many this wouldn't be an issue, but I am...
Christmas cookies on a plate.

Cookie Exchange Party

Christmas is the air!  And if you're like most people your mailbox (or inbox) has already been filled with holiday party invitations. With all the events to choose from it can be hard to...