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Women on an outdoor yoga retreat.

10 Benefits of a Yoga Mindfulness Retreat for Moms

As a busy mom, all we want is a space to slow down, find peace, and re-energize. We need a pause from busy schedules and overloaded to-do lists to allow ourselves time to breathe....
Two women and their children having a play date.

5 Tips for a Successful Play Date

Play dates can be a source of anxiety and worry for parents of learners who encounter social barriers that prevent them from being socially successful with peers. However, setting up a play date is extremely important...
Teen girls on social media.

How Should I Monitor My Teen’s Social Media Use?

Monitoring your teen’s social media use can be daunting and confusing as a parent. With so many apps and platforms available, it’s hard to know where to start. But, with the right strategies and...
new start

New Year, New Routines

The New Year is a great opportunity to recenter ourselves, reflect on the past year, and determine the areas we’d like to grow. While typical cliche New Year's resolutions are associated with signing up for a gym membership and making commitments...
A mother kissing her daughter.

She Needed a Strong Mama

In the last 15 years, I’ve loved nothing more than being a hairdresser; making people feel beautiful for a living is extremely rewarding. I truly love the bonds formed and the relationships I’ve built...
A boy playing with toys.

The Value of Early Play and Social Skill Building 

We often don’t hear the word “play” associated with learning. Similarly, social skills are typically not discussed until kids reach elementary school age but only if and after barriers to interactions become noticeable and...
A therapist comforting a woman.

The Gift of Mental Wellness

A few years ago, I had a friend who was planning to open a bookstore in her hometown. She wanted to create a space for families with a large children’s section, a performance space...
A woman laying on the rug drinking wine.

Do You Suspect You Have a Substance Abuse Problem? 

Parenting is stressful and demanding. We are all pulled in so many different directions, and the Covid-19 pandemic hasn’t made life any easier. Sometimes the daily grind can be enough to “push you over...
A woman feeling her freedom in an open field.

There Is a Way Out

I’m 42 years old and have endured physical, emotional, and sexual abuse since childhood. It wasn’t until I was pregnant with my first child that I acknowledged what was happening to me and broke...
Mother and son putting their heads together.

The Unraveling of Autism

I sat on an old black leather couch in our son’s new psychologist’s office, wondering what the future held. The psychologist explained she would write up the two days’ worth of testing results, and...