Erika is a professor of Chemistry and Environmental Studies and mom to two kids (2010 and 2013) plus two cats (2005 and 2019). A Midwestern transplant who has lived in 32 places, she has happily called Fairfield her home for the past 12 years. At work, she directs a program to support first-generation and underrepresented student success in science. In town, she can often be found driving her kids back and forth to their respective sporting events and teams or sitting in a coffee shop using the wifi to get a little work done before pick up. Erika loves spending time enjoying the water, cooking, theater, reading, and hanging out with her husband.

Fun and Fundraising – Things I’ve Learned about Myself by Joining the PTA

As the parent of both an elementary and a middle school student, I have been carefully juggling my time between work and family for several years. And it has been a struggle. By default, growing up...

I Am Now Parenting a Tween

Parenting a tween is somewhat like a series of heartbreaks. Your sweet little child changes a thousand little things and starts the transition into a teen. While I knew this day was coming, I had...
turning 45

On Turning 45

So today I am turning 45, and I think it is my best age yet. When I was younger, even in my mid-30s, I walked around with so many doubts and worries – what...
cancer survivor

I Am a Cancer Survivor

When I introduce myself to new people, I always share different parts of my identity depending upon the situation. I am a mom of two wonderful kids. I am a chemistry professor. I am...
asian food

My Favorite Asian Food Restaurants in (and around) Fairfield County

Between my husband, myself, and a few of my friends, we have done a lot of traveling throughout Asia. My husband’s strategy to find great food when we travel is to ask where each...
asian american

May is Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

May is Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month. In this crazy time when a movement is growing to #StopAsianHate (check out these resources from the Smithsonian Museum or Reuters for more information), it is good...
Winning the Vegetable Battle

Winning the Vegetable Battle

Raise your hand if you struggle to get your kids to eat their vegetables. Yes, I see your hands, and I know that even kids that like some vegetables will fight like mad if they...
surviving winter

Surviving Winter

I don’t know about you, but every winter, I find myself (and my kids) getting antsy by the end of January, wishing that spring was here already. While the Romans probably weren’t battling the...
black history month

A Different Way to Celebrate Black History Month

Every February, our nation celebrates Black History Month. This commemoration usually focuses on recognizing and celebrating the amazing and important contribution that Black Americans have made to our nation and the world. Some amazing...
loss of grandparent

Upon the Loss of My Grandmother

There are so many things that make getting older better. You have grown up, learned what is important in life, and are confident about living your values. You have had time to find a collection...