Originally from Michigan, Erika moved to Chicago for undergrad, met her future husband, and has moved back and forth between Chicago and Fairfield County ever since. Erika started out as a working mom in grad school, but along with a second relocation from Chicago to Fairfield County in 2013, she transitioned to staying at home. Erika does her best to stay sane playing at the park, running with the stroller, looking for more caffeine, browsing at the wine store, and leaning on fellow Mommy friends. You can follow her random Mommy musings on Facebook at Mommy Shark

An Interview With My 5 year old

As moms, we frequently wonder what exactly is going in on our children's heads. My 5-year-old is an interesting kid...sometimes he has many opinions and sometimes he just has nothing to say. He's a...

Advent Adventures: Preparing the Family Advent Calendar

I should start out with my disclaimer that I do not claim to be a Crafty Mom or a Pinterest Mom. I equate Pinterest with the hot guy in high school…nice to look at, but...

Learning to Accept my Postpartum Body

People always tell you that "nothing is the same" once you have children…but it is impossible to grasp the depths of this until you actually have children in your lives. Sure, adjusting to less...

Family Traditions: Why we travel for Halloween

If you know me, you know that I LOVE the fall. The crispness in the air, puffy vests, pumpkin picking, warm fires in the fireplace, and the feeling of time slowing down in preparation...

Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner! {making week nights easier}

One of my most dreaded questions is: "What's for dinner?" It's a daily struggle for ALL parents. Just because I stay at home doesn't mean that I have time to actually cook. If I...

25 Feet of Awesome { a weekend in a camper}

How did you spend your last weekend of summer? In a bold move of parental confidence, my family decided to rent a 25-foot camper and head to upstate New York. My husband has a work...

Are They Twins? And Other Questions: Meet Erika

So I have a few kids…three kids to be exact. I had a baby exactly every 22 months between May 2010 and January 2014. Meaning that I had my third baby when my firstborn was...