Originally from Michigan, Erika moved to Chicago for undergrad, met her future husband, and has moved back and forth between Chicago and Fairfield County ever since. Erika started out as a working mom in grad school, but along with a second relocation from Chicago to Fairfield County in 2013, she transitioned to staying at home. Erika does her best to stay sane playing at the park, running with the stroller, looking for more caffeine, browsing at the wine store, and leaning on fellow Mommy friends. You can follow her random Mommy musings on Facebook at Mommy Shark

Stuck in a Rut: The Uninspired Parent

The one constant about parenting, is that your life/goals/challenges/successes/failures are always changing. Life for a parent ebbs and flows as your children learn new skills, tackle new problems, and generally change as human beings. So...
moms night out

The Evolution of the Ladies’ Night

I've always hated the term "Mom's Night Out," but that's what everyone calls it these days when a couple of moms get together. Before we had kids, it was just a Ladies' Night, and...

Sentimental Me…Baby Things I Can’t Get Rid Of

My youngest just turned 3 years old, so we have officially left the baby stage behind and are full speed into the school years. Yet, there are a couple of baby things around the house...
breaking point

My Mommy Breaking Point

I started my 2017 off on a very positive appointment with a new doctor! I had grown frustrated with my constant fatigue and frequent illnesses in 2016, so I put an appointment on the books for January 3rd...

Learning to Accept That This Is Temporary…My Personal Pep Talk

There's a little pep talk that I give myself every morning around 2:30am when I have a 4 year old sleeping on top of me like an octopus and sucking her thumb like a...

Leading From the Front {of My Family}

People often talk about "leading from the front" in a business sense...saying that a good leader is defined by his or her actions rather than words. To anyone with a position of authority, this...

So You Say You Want To Host Thanksgiving?

Let's be honest, hosting Thanksgiving is super fun! We've been doing it for a number of years now. It's not always elegant and refined...okay it's never been refined. We always make far too much food...

Embracing My First Grader Growing Up

I looked at my 6-year-old one day recently, and realized how much I really like the kid. He's becoming a person that I actually enjoy spending time with! I mean, of course I "love" my...
grandma's house

5 Times When Grandma is Way Better in My House

Around here, Mom is good people, but we LOVE a Grandma. We live in Connecticut, but both Grandmas and a Great Grandma live in the Midwest, which means Grandma is a seriously BIG DEAL...

The Name Game: Kids Addressing Adults

When I was a child, every adult around me was automatically Mr. or Mrs. Soandso. This was with the exception of Sally and Mary Ann, my mother's two closest girl friends, and a handful...