Originally from Michigan, Erika moved to Chicago for undergrad, met her future husband, and has moved back and forth between Chicago and Fairfield County ever since. Erika started out as a working mom in grad school, but along with a second relocation from Chicago to Fairfield County in 2013, she transitioned to staying at home. Erika does her best to stay sane playing at the park, running with the stroller, looking for more caffeine, browsing at the wine store, and leaning on fellow Mommy friends. You can follow her random Mommy musings on Facebook at Mommy Shark
raising humans

I’m Not Just a Stay-at-Home Mom…I’m Raising Human Beings

When I meet someone new, the inevitable question comes up, "What do you do for work?" After two years of shrugging and quietly saying, "Oh, I'm just a stay-at-home mom," I've adopted a new...
raising babies

Emerging From the Black Hole of Raising Babies

I am currently potty-training my youngest kid, and while the potty-training itself is going fantastically terrible, I am full of hope because I can see the light. Yes! I can see the light at...
yoga pants

Ode to My Yoga Pants

Oh, yoga pants. You just get me. You know what I like. You know how to take care of me. You know that, as a mom, every day is literally a marathon. And you...
suck at

Things I Suck At Now That I’m a Mom

I don't think that there is any sense of easing into this whole "Mom" gig. You are in charge of just yourself for your whole life, and then, BAM, you get a helpless infant...

When You Feel Like You’re Failing

There are some weeks (or months, truly) where you feel like you can't get it right in the land of parenting. You fail to notice the milk running low, and there's none for the...
random acts of kindness

Continuing the Spirit of the Holidays with Random Acts of Kindness

December is a month of your family members, to those less fortunate, to strangers waiting in line with you, to yourself (it was on sale!). But now that the holiday rush is over...

One Evening With Erika {A Photo Essay Series}

“One Evening” is a photo essay series that provides a sneak peek into the everyday lives of the Fairfield County Moms Blog contributors. The evening routine is photographed by Anna-Liisa Nixon Photography and words are written...

The Breakfast Club: One Mom’s Quest for Morning Sanity

How do mornings go in your house? It's Crazytown in our house. I think that I fit more in between getting up and getting kids out the door than I do in the rest...
three children

Three’s Company: Two vs. Three Children

So you have two beautiful children, and you are feeling good about life, and things are manageable. But there is that nagging question…should we shoot for a third? We were there. We had pro...

Adventuring with Children….Embracing My Parenting Sweet Spot

I wrote a post last year about how I was stuck in a parenting rut and was simply not emotionally equipped to handle anything other than the demands of every day life with my...