Elysa Cruse

Elysa Cruse is a Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist, Certified Personal Trainer and is the Manager of the Corporate Wellness Program for Pitney Bowes (www.pbprojectliving.com). She moved to Fairfield County after college and has been enjoying great ways to be active and eat well in the area ever since, including teaching exercise classes such as Stroller Strides, Pilates and Boot Camp. She is mom to an adorable 3 year old boy and loves getting outdoors whether hiking, biking, or running (really anything as long as it's not weeding). Elysa is still working on the ultimate in work life balance and she's okay if she never quite finds it. Connect with Elysa on Twitter @ElysaCruseRD
A girl not eating her dinner.

Is My Child Getting Enough Protein?

Long before I became a mom, I babysat for my toddler niece. My sister had prepared a dinner of chicken, broccoli, and potato. As she left for the night, my sister said, “If she...
A woman working out with her baby.

Let it Go: Dropping the Baby Weight

One of the biggest surprises I had, when I was pregnant was how much people comment on your size and weight. As someone whose job is focused on helping people look and feel their...

I Should Really Drink More Water!

Sound familiar? I wish I had my son’s taste for water. He’s always sipping on water and asking for more. I, on the other hand, like many of us, have to remind myself to...
meal planning for every mom

Healthy Meal Planning Tips for Every Type of Mom

Some moms spend their weekends planning the menu for the upcoming week and thrive on it. If that’s not you, are you destined to unhealthy meals and meal planning failure? Absolutely not! There are...

Stretch your back and say ah!!!

Being a mom can come with some back straining symptoms. In a previous post, I wrote about common mom back pain causes and ways to prevent back issues. Now I’d like to share some great...

Kid-Friendly Backyard Boot Camp

Looking for a great workout? Try out your very own backyard boot camp. This cardio-strength interval workout can be done in your yard, the local park, or playground. Want to get your little ones involved? Have them...

Spring into Fairfield County 5K’s

Spring in Fairfield County means a host of 5K and other family friendly running events! You’ll see many annual favorites plus some new events with proceeds going to important causes. 5K running events have become...

Don’t Stress Just Bring That Mom a Meal

New moms LOVE when their friends and family bring food. We can all relate to that. But do you ever stress over what to bring? I’ll admit I overthink it sometimes. When I had...

20 Minute Fun and Fit Burpee Workout

A few weeks ago, I taught a burpee themed Stroller Strides class and we had such a great workout, I thought I would bring it to the blog. Burpees are a great exercise because they...

Homemade Gingerbread Houses from a non – Pinterest Mom

I often claim to be the least Pinteresty mom ever. Last winter I planned a playdate to decorate gingerbread houses. When we found out that the kits may contain nuts (which we needed to avoid due...