Elisabeth is a stay-at-home mom who lives in Fairfield with her husband Andrew and three daughters (born in 2010, 2013 and 2016). She grew up in Litchfield County and moved to Fairfield from Stamford after having her second child. Elisabeth was previously an elementary school teacher, but now feels very blessed to be home with her children (although it’s not an easy job!). She loves to bake and cook, go to the beach with her family, and share a glass of wine with friends!
temper tantrum

It’s Called A Temper Tantrum And I’m Doing The Best That I Can!

To the woman awkwardly staring at me in the parking lot, it’s called a temper tantrum, and I am doing the best that I can! One Friday afternoon, I ran to Trader Joe’s around 4:30...
snack board

To Snack or Not To Snack?

According to Kelsey Nixon, a food lover that I follow on Instagram, snack boards have gained great popularity and are a “stunning way to present really approachable foods.” She did a segment on the...

Ready, Set… LEGO!

My family (my husband, three daughters, and myself) had the pleasure of visiting LEGOLAND Discovery Center in Yonkers, NY last weekend and boy was it FUN! Tucked away at the end of Ridge Hill...

Family Fun Night

At the beginning of the school year, I would cringe as Thursday night rolled around. I should have been excited because Friday was coming, but Thursday nights in my house meant I needed to...
blueberry cake

More Than Just a Recipe

  Summer is right around the corner. I can feel it! And when I think about what’s to come, I smell freshly baked blueberry cake! I know that seems really silly, but it brings me...

It’s Not Always Easy To Be the Firstborn!

A few weeks ago, my firstborn came to me with “the face.” I was in the kitchen cooking dinner as my three children were in the playroom, supposedly cleaning it up. She looked sad, and...

Surviving the Challenge of a Long-Distance Grandparents

My parents live a good ten hours a way and it is hard on my family at times. They aren’t at every birthday party, they aren’t at all the ballet recitals, and they miss...

Not As Easy As Playing With Dolls! Meet Elisabeth

When I was little, my favorite playtime activity was playing house. I had a baby doll named Sarah and my sister had a doll named John. We would spend countless hours playing family. We...