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selfish parenting

Selfish Parenting 101: Guide to Self Preservation & Awesome Parenting

Hi, my name is Elisabeth, and I am a selfish parent. Whew. There, I said it. Gosh, it feels so good, doesn't it?! They always say the first step is to admit you have...

One Evening with Elisabeth F. {A Photo Essay Series}

“One Evening” is a photo essay series that provides a sneak peek into the everyday lives of the Fairfield County Moms Blog contributors. The evening routine is photographed by Anna-Liisa Nixon Photography and words...

Community Matters: How We Can Support Each Other

What is community? And what does it mean to be a part of one? While the definition differs around the globe, one element remains consistent; community is what we do for each other (thank...
Family Fun Day at Dorney Park

Family Fun Day: Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingdom

Recently, I had the opportunity to check out Allentown, PA's Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingdom. Being a PA-girl myself, I was excited to experience all that the park has to offer. Dorney Park and Wildwater...

Nice Avocado: A Clothing Brand Empowering Women

Women helping women is a cause that is near and dear to my heart. So, when the opportunity to meet the owners of Nice Avocado arose, I jumped at the chance.  That's a Real Nice...
Spring Cleaning: Beyond the House

Deep Cleaning: Beyond the House

The Annual Ritual Each year we engage in the time-honored tradition of spring cleaning. For generations the annual ritual has served as an opportunity to start the year anew, with fresh linens, laundered draperies, and...
Live Happy: Get Help with Depression or Suicidal Thoughts

Mental Health: Changing the Dialogue

In January 2018, the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) released its 2016 statistics. The NIMH estimates "1.6 million adults (aged 18 and older) experienced at least 1 major depressive episode (6.7% of all...

You Don’t Look Like You Belong Here – Thank You

Mrs. Havisham and the Coffee Shop I was standing in line at the local coffee shop when a woman approached me. "Wow! You don't look like you belong here!" I felt affronted, but I smiled...

Putting the Human Back in Humanity: Less Judgement, More Empathy

The Brave Human I have a friend who is going through a tough time, and he was brave enough to share his experience on Facebook and ask for help. The post was raw, honest, and...
embracing the chaos

Embracing the Chaos: Tips for Managing the Mayhem

Ever have one of those days where everything goes incredibly wrong? If you're reading this, chances are you have kids and you know precisely what I am talking about. If you don't, then please for...