Daria lives in Norwalk with her husband, son (born 2015), and daughter (born 2017). She grew up in Connecticut (Hartford County) but spent most of her adult life in New York City until recently moving back to Connecticut with her husband to start their family. Daria juggles two young kids and a demanding full-time career. When she's not spending time with her family or working, she's daydreaming about where she'll travel to next.
toddler mom hack

The Best Toddler Mom Hack Ever

I thought life with one toddler was hard. Two? Next level. Three? I can only imagine (and am not planning to find out).  I have two kids under 4. They are pretty typical as far...
breastfeeding resources

World Breastfeeding Week: Resources and Support for Moms

  3 years, 1 week and 2 days. Or 1,104 days. That’s how long I breastfed my two kids, in total.    My first, until he was 14 months, and my second until she was 22 months....

Motherhood Lately, According to {more} Memes

I've never laughed so hard while drafting a blog post as I did for my first installation of "Motherhood, Lately, According to Memes." Parenting can be hard and if we can't at least have...

One Evening with Daria {A Photo Essay Series}

“One Evening” is a photo essay series that provides a sneak peek into the everyday lives of the Fairfield County Moms Blog contributors. The evening routine is photographed by Anna-Liisa Nixon Photography and words are...

The Latest Resources for Postpartum Support in Fairfield County

Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week takes place the first week of May each year. The 2019 theme is #MakingOverMotherhood with the goal of "making over" the image of "perfect motherhood and the notion moms can...

Podcast Musts for Moms

Lately I've been loving the convenience and portability of podcasts. I love that I can tune in or tune out with the click of a button. I listen in the car, while cleaning up...

Motherhood Lately, According to Memes

If you're a 30/40-something year old parent, you're probably no stranger to parenting memes. On nights when the bedtime routine with my two toddlers is particularly exhausting, I'm guilty of collapsing on the couch immediately...
family schedules

Getting Organized: Family Schedules

  I don't know about you, but one of my favorite things about starting the new year is breaking out a brand new planner and planning away! With everyone around me in a KonMari method...

Healthy Eating Mom Hack: Smoothies for Kids!

Moms of picky eaters unite. You know my struggle. I'm forever trying to come up with ways to get my almost 3-year old to eat vegetables. (Or anything other than pasta with butter, carbs,...

My Go-To Easy Weeknight Dinner

  Weeknights in our house are a chaos-filled race to the finish. Get home, wash up, make and eat dinner, do baths, bedtime routines, and by that point mom and dad are ready to collapse...