Dana is a first-time millennial mom and Fairfield County lifer. She's a creative swiss army knife - artist, writer, creative director, baker- with an extensive professional background in magazines, PR, advertising, social media & more. While she's all about that #momlife, she still enjoys the finer things, including but not limited to old black and white movies, dessert, and hanging out with her husband...sometimes.

How To Survive Baby’s First Beach Day

Getting ready for baby's first beach day? Here's what to remember. And, for the love of seashells, don't forget the booze. My best friend belongs to a beach club in Rowayton and invited us to...

The Thing I Bring To Restaurants That Always Turns Heads

Nothing like raising eyebrows everywhere you go... There’s definitely an art to bringing a LO out to eat at a restaurant. In the very beginning when they’re newborns, it’s a piece of cake. They mostly...

The Minimalist Mom-Drobe: May Black & White

Motherhood forces gently nudges you to simplify absolutely everything in your life. This is true whether you’re a working mom or SAHM (I’ve been both). The time slot to dress yourself in the morning evaporates...

3 Ways To Use A “Pinterest Registry”

From the day they're born, kids get seemingly endless streams of gifts from generous family members and friends. People put painstaking effort into choosing the perfect toys or keepsakes. And they just want to...

The 7 Stages Of Baby Registering

Little one on the way? Prepare yourself for the madness of baby registering. Stage 1: Complete Shock and Awe "One day, son, all of this will be yours." Stage 2: Anger Everything is ugly. Does it all need to...
lactation cookies

The Most Delicious Lactation Cookies Ever

Happiness is...a fresh, warm batch of lactation cookies. That is, if you make them right. Breastfeeding has its ups and downs, but being able to eat cookies for an actual reason...other than because you feel...

11 Ways Your TV Habits Change After Having A Baby

So much changed after I had a baby...even my TV habits... 1. BUH-BYE Awards Shows The Oscars used to be my Superbowl. Watching them live was a no-go. And I couldn’t be bothered to watch them...

A Reluctant Ode to the Rock N Play

  A Reluctant Ode To The Rock N Play In the beginning, I resisted to buy. Your gaudy design Was not keen to the eye. But all of the girls said it was a "top 5." A must-have for...

14 Products I Fell Back In Love With After Becoming A Mom

I’ve always had a passion for great (and reasonably-priced) beauty products that work really, really well. Believe me, they are hard to find. I just can’t justify spending $50 on shampoo. But I want...