Clara is a part-time working mom that lives in Trumbull, CT. She and her husband, Joe, were high school sweethearts that began their journey in Upstate NY (think capital region part of NY). Together, they moved to Fairfield County in 2006, after college graduations. Clara will forever hold the magic of Disney in her heart, as she and her husband got engaged in Epcot Center in 2010. She married Joe on a cruise ship in 2011, with 60 close family and friends in attendance. Clara is the proud mommy to two girls Abby {Sept 2013} and Sofia {May 2017}. In addition to being "Mommy," Clara is an Early Childhood Consultant. Outside of her two jobs, you may find her on a cruise, or traveling to New York to visit family.

The Year I Start Taking Care of Me

I'm going to be real with you here. I've started 2020 in a funk. I've been sad and might even go so far as to say I'm depressed. It's time to stop sulking and...
holiday spirit

When the Holidays Don’t Feel Magical

I've had holiday music going since November, trying to instill the magic of the holiday spirit in my girls. However, as we close in on the "Big Day," something seems to be missing this...
Thanksgiving traditions

Thanksgiving Traditions: Our Favorites

There are many reasons for me to feel grateful this year. I am thankful to my parents for showing my sisters and I the meaning of family. I am equally grateful to my husband...
sound tigers

Fall Fun with the Bridgeport Sound Tigers

The weather in fall can be dreary, but the Bridgeport Sound Tigers hockey team can help with those seasonal blues. I recently had the chance to take my family to a 3:00 p.m. Sunday...

Surviving the Holidays: Saving Money and Stress-Free Shopping

  If you've been to any of the big box stores recently, you'll see the holiday aisles. I'm not just referring to Fall and Halloween, but Thanksgiving, Chanukah and Christmas decor are out, too! It seems...

A Touch of Color Makeup & Hair: A New Party Space

If you are looking for a salon to pamper yourself or even your children, look no further. Everyone can feel pampered at A Touch of Color Makeup and Hair. Owner (and mom!) Sharyn Scully...
mom friendship

New Friendships: The Day My Best Mom Friend Moved Away

This post comes from deep within the heart. I started to write this just a few hours after watching my best friend drive away with her whole house packed. Tears were certainly flowing today. I'll likely...

Reflections: Remembering My Dad

June 21, 2010 was the day my father left this world. Father's Day has come and gone, and of course the day is a difficult one. But I find myself reflecting and remembering my...

Meet Clara: Finding the Way

  Hi! My name is Clara and I am excited to be a new contributor to Fairfield County Moms Blog, as well as working with a wonderful team of mamas!   Where I Started: I grew up in...