Christy is the Artistic Director of local theatre company, Fairfield Center Stage, as well as a professional actor, theatre educator, wife, and mom to two kids, two dogs and one hamster. She enjoys baking, writing, music, and watching Bravo.
real housewives of Fairfield County

The Real Housewives of Fairfield County

Dear Andy Cohen, Hear me out. I know that you're not looking for another Housewives franchise. You have Orange County, Beverly Hills, New York, New Jersey, Potomac, Atlanta, Dallas, Salt Lake City, and the upcoming...
pandemic toddler

Graduating From Pandemic Baby to Pandemic Toddler

My daughter was born on Valentine's Day of 2020. We brought her home from the hospital, she had about two weeks of normal life, and then the world shut down. For months, she didn't meet...
baby books

10 Things I Hate About Children’s Books

I love to read. I majored in English in college, focusing on critical analysis, briefly considering a career in editing. It has always been very important that my children love reading as much as...
hybrid year

Goodbye, Hybrid Year

Well, Parents, Congratulations! We made it through the 2020/21 school hybrid year despite all odds. Some of us started the school year fully remote, becoming first grade teachers, learning how to navigate Google Classroom and...
waking up from the pandemic coma

Waking Up From The Pandemic Coma: A How-To Guide

I am getting Fauchi Ouchie #2 in just a few days, and I haven't been this excited about a shot since my 21st birthday. While we are not out of the woods yet, knowing...
COVID vaccine

Getting a Golden Ticket: How To Schedule Your COVID Shot

First off, let me say that I am NOT a medical professional. I do not work in the healthcare system in any way and am by no means an expert on this topic. I'm...
Target I miss you.

Dear Target, I Miss You

Dear Target, How are you? Are you holding up ok? I'm sorry that I haven't been around as much. You see, there's a global pandemic, and prolonged activity indoors isn't recommended, which means that my...
pandemic brain

Sorry. I Have Pandemic Brain.

We have all heard of Mommy Brain - that hormonal anomaly appears in pregnant women (and carries over into the sleep deprivation stage of New Mommydom). We've also heard of Pandemic Fatigue - that...
holiday movie line-up

Your 2020 Holiday Movie Line-Up

The holidays will look a little different this year.... ok, they're going to look a lot different this year. No pictures on Santa's lap, no cramming into busy shopping malls to grab the new...
The Real Housewives is the cure for mommy brain.

Yes, I Watch Real Housewives. No, I’m Not a Moron.

I once took a meditation workshop from Deepak Chopra. I figured that if anyone could get me to meditate, it was the man famous for meditation. It didn't work. There is a famous phrase called "mommy...