Caitlin lives in Shelton with her husband, two daughters, and goldendoodle. She is an elementary school teacher. Caitlin loves to dance, bake, and travel. She spends her free time creating new memories with her girls.

Being an Empath

The year is 1995. I sit outside my mom’s office in the Emergency Room at Bridgeport hospital watching as patients come in. Off to my right is an older man on a stretcher. I...

Grandmas: The Unsung Heroes

Who would I be as a mother if it weren't for my mom and mother-in-law? How would I survive? Who would I lean on? My mom, who my kids affectionately call "Lolli" and my mother in...

If You Think That Stage Is Hard, Just Wait

We’ve all had that one family member, friend, or coworker who downplays the struggle you are facing. For me, it started during pregnancy when a friend said, “If you think pregnancy is hard, just wait...

It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Since the onset of COVID-19, the news is jam-packed with triggering and depressing information. It's like a dark hole of gloom and doom that is impossible to escape. And while the news continues to remain...

How to Facilitate a Research Project for Grades K-6 to Provide Distance Learning

I am sure by this point, you have been flooded with resources, games, websites, and apps that will keep your children from regressing. I am currently a Kindergarten teacher, but for the last 8 years,...
sleep schedule

My Children’s Sleep Schedule Dictates My Life

I was never going to be "that" mom. The mom that left parties, events, or social gatherings due to my child's nap schedule.  Spoiler alert: I'm that mom.  Truth is, before children, I just didn't know....

The Daycare Sickness Battle

We are struggling.  There is no simpler way to put it. Why? My kids are sick constantly. I am not talking once a month. I am talking every single week, and we are just about...
New Year's Resolutions

10 Easy Parenting Resolutions

To be honest, I have never truly stuck to a New Year's resolution. And how many people can actually say they have? Resolutions are easy to break but the one benefit of creating a...
cookie swap

How to Throw the Most Festive Cookie Swap

Ten years ago, my mom and I decided to host our first ever cookie swap as a mother/daughter bonding event. At the time, we never imagined a decade later we would continue the tradition,...
second baby

I Never Knew I Needed You

To my second daughter, I never knew I needed you. Funny how the things we need most in life are apt to be things we don't even realize we need. You see, your sister was well...