Meet Caitlin! Caitlin grew up in Fairfield, CT and after some time living elsewhere, she is ecstatic to call the town home again. She works full-time in higher education at a local university and has found great joy in supporting college students for almost ten years. Caitlin met her husband, Matthew, in college. They were married in 2009 and welcomed their daughter, Parker, in December of 2014. She spends her free time at yoga, writing, watching sports, and attempting to change the world through advocacy and involvement in social justice movements. Connect with Caitlin on Twitter @CaitPereira.

An Open Letter to the Parents of Babies Who Don’t Sleep

Dear fellow parents of babies who don't sleep, First of all, I want to commend you for taking a few minutes to read this post. If you happen to fall asleep mid-read, I will not...
truth about miscarriage

The Truth About Having a Miscarriage

{Please note: this post contains sensitive and graphic content related to a miscarriage.} I've thought about writing this post for a long time. I've started and stopped on a few occasions but felt uneasy taking...

Time: Take It Back

It all started due to a reply to a comment that I had made on an Instagram post of a mom tandem breastfeeding her twins. She was a perfect stranger, but regardless, her words...

The Princess and the Postpartum Reality

Some days, I truly believe that we are making progress in the world of supporting each other as mothers. The less "mom-shaming" for using formula, returning back to work, or co-sleeping, the better off...
years fly by

The Years Fly By

  When I became a mother, I received lots of advice and guidance from other moms. While it was impossible to apply everything I learned, it was always comforting to know people were happy to...

You Are The Difference

Teachers--you are the difference. You are some of the first adults that our children trust, and as our little ones grow into teenagers, you are some of the first adults they will confide in. When you...
Girl going gymnastics

We Must Believe Our Children

We must believe our children. Starting at a young age, we teach our kids to stay away from strangers. We warn them about answering the front door, getting a ride home with someone they don't...

To My Daughters Best Friend

You were always a happy face when I walked my daughter into daycare every morning. Your smile was infectious; there was no way I could look at you and not smile back. Apparently, you made...
the other months matter

The Other Months Matter, Too: A Reaction to Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month

I must admit that the entire month of October deemed as, "Pregnancy and Infant Loss and Awareness Month," is weighing on me. I keep seeing posts all over the internet and on social media....
Helicopter flyer

FCMB Goes Back to School :: No Fly Zone {Why to Resist Being a...

As mothers, we understand one of the most critical components to our children’s young lives is their education. Since it’s time to ring in a new school year, the contributors at Fairfield County Moms...