Alisa Fulvio

Alisa is a psychotherapist, life coach and mom of three. Alisa is a native of Fairfield County and lives with her husband (a New York transplant), daughter (October 2012) and two sons (January 2015, June 2018). Following the birth of her second child, Alisa left her full-time job and pursued her dream of starting her own private practice by founding Balanced Being Counseling, LLC and Balanced Being Coaching, LLC ( located in downtown Fairfield. Alisa specializes in working with young women and moms to decrease stress and manage feelings of anxiety and depression. She is trained in treating perinatal mood and anxiety disorders and is an active committee member of Postpartum Support International- CT Chapter serving as the Communications Chair. Alisa is the creator the Facebook Group, Balanced Mama, a non-judgmental space for moms to feel inspired, gain support and come together among the chaos. She is passionate about motherhood, supporting women, buffalo chicken and a good margarita.

You’re Too Big For Me To Carry

This was the summer before Kindergarten. The last summer, I had my “baby.” We had been getting ready emotionally and physically for the big transition with preschool graduation, incoming Kindergarten meet-ups, and our very...
moms at dance class

To the Moms at Dance Class

To the Moms at Dance Class, Thank you for not judging me while my threenager had a meltdown outside of class for 45 minutes. Despite my efforts to get her to join your cooperative kids, she...
dear mom I thought I would be

Dear Mom I Thought I Would Be

Dear Mom I Thought I Would Be, I had this vision of you. You were perfect. I dreamed about you when I was pregnant. I was excited for you. I was confident in you. I...
mama you inspire me

Mama, You Inspire Me

I was never aware of the superpower of mothers. I was never enamored by them. They were moms. They did what they were supposed to do. But once I became one, my whole perception...
fill yourself up

Do What you Need to Fill Yourself Up

When you are pulled in a million directions. When you are trying to balance it all. When sticky hands are tugging at your shirt or calling your name or crying for the sake of...
club foot

June 3rd: World Clubfoot Day

June 3rd is World Clubfoot Day. Prior to being pregnant with my third child, I had no idea what “clubfoot” was; but there I was sitting at my 19-week anatomy scan, with my husband and...
maternal mental health

Maternal Mental Health Month: Let’s Talk About It!

May has been designated as Maternal Mental Health Awareness Month; A topic that is near and dear to my heart. Something I became passionate about once I became a mother. A topic that hit...

COVID-19: I’m Feeling a Whole Lot Right Now

Things have escalated quickly. And now, here we are. Our whole world has turned upside down. In the beginning, it felt like we were jumping too fast. The emotional part of me felt that panic...
pregnancy after loss

March is Pregnancy After Loss Awareness Month

March is Pregnancy After Loss Awareness Month. Why March? Well, March is a time where we are starting to come out of the dark winter months. It is a time when there is hope...
miss you

I Wish There Was More Time For Us

Sometimes I like to think about us before kids. When it was just you and me. When we were each other’s priority. When we could come and go as we pleased. If we felt...