Meet Jen: Authentic Mom Life


Hey Fairfield County Mamas! I am Jen. I am excited to be joining the amazing contributor team here at Fairfield County Mom. I am originally from NH and moved to Long Island for a while to work as a college administrator in a housing department. You guessed it, a life of drunken college kids peeing in dryers. That was my life for 12 years. 

Being in my mid-30s, I was on a mission to find a husband and have some babies, or it was going to be Jennifer Lopez in the Back-up Plan for me. Six months after moving to LI, I met my husband Keivon (psst…we met online!). After a few months, we knew this was it. 

We had our first pregnancy four months into our relationship (yeah, I know, I should have known better, having 12 years of experience educating students on safe sex). But, sadly, we suffered a miscarriage which turned into a three-year battle of infertility (a story for another day). Thankfully, we were blessed and welcomed healthy boy/girl twins via IVF in February 2019. Twins Nora and Kaden are about to turn four, and OMG, toddlers are no joke, ya’ll! 

We moved from LI to CT in October of 2020 and are loving living in Fairfield County. As a self-proclaimed extreme extrovert and connector, I am constantly looking for ways to get involved with my kids, with my community, meet new people, etc. Oh, you need some baked goods four hours from now; I got you! Mom life!

But don’t be fooled. I don’t have it all together. I spend most of my days in second-day yoga pants and a weird thick headband to hide my unbrushed hair, and there is a 50/50 chance I am not wearing a bra at preschool drop-off.  

When my kids are at school, I work primarily from my home office as a Sex & Relationship Coach. In my private coaching practice, Jennifer Melville Coaching LLC, I help couples (and moms) transform from tired, detached, and overwhelmed to connected, supportive, and passionate sexual partners. 

I am a spouse and parent, so I understand their struggles and desires. I teach my clients simple, tangible, and consistent strategies to help their relationships grow and thrive in the bedroom and beyond.  

Curious about what you will get from me? Raw, unfiltered, purely authentic mom life. I am your tell-it-like-it-is mom friend, your hype-woman, and you can always sit at my table (just bring snacks).    


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