Artimus Art Is the Solution To Saving All That Artwork

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Usually, Back To School means getting new notebooks, crayons, markers, and clothes, but this year, it’s the “New Normal,” meaning that school will be…well…different. What won’t be different is that parents will still need to get organized for the school year ahead and start organizing last year’s schoolwork and art.

Virtual classrooms and no summer camps meant there were lots of bored kids, and they’ve created more artwork than ever, but this art is not your run of the mill kid art. It’s COVID Art, and it has a meaning like no art before it.

Art created during the pandemic was a way for kids to express their anxiety, fears, sadness, and thoughts. It’s more special than ever since there was no end of school Art Shows. Kids never got to celebrate their artistic achievements. So how do you give your child’s artwork accolades and recognition? Artimus Art is a company that does just that. 


Artimus Art takes your kids’ art and turns it into a fabulous book. Whether your child is in PreK or Middle School, preserving the artistic treasures and publishing them into one beautiful collection gives kids a chance to show off their artistic talent proudly. It also helps parents organize the art you want to keep and eliminate the tubs of art stored in the basement.

Transform the last year of art or art of several years into a fantastic book. The best part is, they’ve made it so easy to do! Check out this video and see for yourself.

Just visit Artimus Art and sign up for a package. They’ll send you a box to place your artwork in, which includes a return label to make it super easy. Once they professionally reproduce the art, they’ll post it to your account, and in just a few easy steps, you create a personalized book of your kids’ art. You can choose to get the art back or not.

You can order your art box with only a $30 deposit to get started. It’s a great way to preserve your kids’ art each year.

Book copies make a great holiday gift to grandparents, and not to mention great graduation gifts next Spring. The best gift, however, is the one where parents get to eliminate years worth of art while still preserving it in a meaningful way.

So get going and encourage your children to make all the art projects they can. Use this free printable and create a fall tree. Grab the paints, crayons, markers, or any other supplies you have and get creative! Follow Artimus Art on Instagram @artimusartbooks for more great ideas!

Dana Hostage, entrepreneur and mother of three, was inspired by her daughter Mina’s artistic talent, so back in 2008, she launched She had the brilliant idea of turning all the kid artwork that was posted on her walls and refrigerator into a beautiful archival book. “It was heartbreaking to take it all down because I knew we’d never see it again.”

What she didn’t expect was the amazing reaction parents had to the idea. Tossing artwork just wasn’t an option, so kid art got stuffed into boxes and tubs and stored in basements and attics for decades. Dana’s children are now grown, and she has been preserving kids’ artwork coast to coast for over a decade. She’s inspired by each piece of art that comes into the studio and is amazed at how talented kids are!


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