Almost Summer :: Last Day of School Printable {Customizable}!


The last day of school in Fairfield County is fast approaching. Moms everywhere are preparing for summer. Whether your child is graduating preschool or 12th grade, we know that you want to get that perfect last day of school picture. These pictures are so important to us as moms, because in 10, 20, 30 years, we want to be able to look back at this time and savor the memories. We are betting on that one perfect picture to help us remember what our child learned that year, what fears they overcame, how much they physically and emotionally grew. Pictures help us freeze moments in time.

To help you snap that perfect picture and capture those memories, we’ve created a free printable just for our readers. The best part? It’s completely customizable to your child {or children}! Just add in a few details, print it, and VOILA, you’ve got a Pinterest-worthy sign for your child to hold while you bribe them to smile! This printable matches the first day of school printable that we gave to our readers in August, because we know us moms love side-by-side comparisons!

The How To {It’s Easy!}

  1. Download the PDF file.
  2. Fill in the fields {your child’s name, teacher’s name, date of his/her last day of school, favorite subject, what they want to be when they grow up, and age}
  3. Print! We recommend printing the sign on cardstock so that they don’t bend and flop when your child is holding them, but they can be printed on regular printer paper.

If you’re pressed for time {who isn’t?}, you can even edit it on a phone or tablet, hit full screen, and have them hold the phone or tablet up in the photo. If you’re feeling ambitious, you could frame the sign, but we’d recommend taking out the glass from the frame so there is no glare when you get that perfect shot! 

Good luck catching those cheesy smiles! Use the hashtag #FCMBlastday and tag us in your pictures {Instagram at @fcmomsblog, Facebook}.

The Goods {Free Files!}

The PDF file is found in the link above and here. If you prefer to use the picture and add in the details with a photo editor {or even hand write it}, the JPEG file is below. 

Happy Summer, Fairfield County Moms! Check out our Ultimate Guide to Summer in Fairfield County and be on the lookout for our Summer Play Date Series announcement.


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