Hey Alexa! 10 Kid-Friendly Skills That We Love to Play


She plays music, she sets timers, she tells jokes, and if you are a parent to a child of 10 and under, you might have unfortunately discovered that she can even fart! But did you know that Alexa actually offers entertainment in the way of skills that are not bodily functions? If not, you are missing out on some great fun!


Here are the top 10 Alexa Skills that my family loves. 

1. Tricky Genie – This multi-choice game takes you on an adventure with a not so helpful genie. Each adventure tests your problem solving skills along the way.

2. The Magic Door – An interactive storytelling skill reminiscent of the old Choose Your Own Adventure books. Each story is an average of 10 – 15 minutes in length. Perfect if you only have a few minutes before bedtime.

3. The Laugh Box – Ask Alexa to open the laugh box and you will be delighted by a variety of different types of laughs from a baby laugh to a sinister laugh and everything in between.

4. Santa Claus – Are you naughty or nice? Answer some questions about your behavior this week and you’ll see which list you are on!

5. 20 Questions – Alexa tries to discover what you are thinking with this classic game of 20 questions. Other similar skills are: Animal Games, Guess Me, and Zoo Walk.

6. Kid’s Court – Does justice need to be served within your family? Tired of the tattling? Let Judge Alexa decide if the defendant is guilty and choose a laughable punishment. Some other fun skills to end arguments: Flip a Coin and Rock, Paper, Scissors.

7. Ditty – Tired of repeating the same things over and over to your kids? Have Alexa sing them in a ditty. Go to bed never sounded so fancy.

8. NASA Mars – Have a budding scientist that is interested in space? Use this skill to find out all you need to know about Mars.

9. Deal or No Deal – Yup, it’s just like the TV show with the same name. The money isn’t real, but it is still a hoot to tell Alexa – No Deal!

10. Math Mania – Use this skill to practice different types of math problems; the more you solve the more difficult the problems get.

What are your favorite Alexa skills? 

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Shannon has lived in Fairfield County, CT for most of her life and currently lives in Monroe. She has a daughter L (September, 2008) and a son B (May, 2012). Shannon balances being a wife and mom with working 186 days out of the year as a special education teacher. Thank goodness for vacations, summer break, and snow days! You can be sure that she fills those days with as many amazing activities and outings that she can think of to make up for the time that she is at work. In a distant life, way before babies, Shannon was an aspiring actress and musician. You can sometimes still find her leading sing-a-longs with her guitar at the kids’ playgroups or at her daughter’s school.


  1. I knew about the fart noises (boys…duh!) but had no idea about the games! Thanks for sharing. Can’t wait to try some of these!


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